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photo 秋篠宮文仁親王

秋篠宮文仁親王 - for

日本の皇室の一員。 | Prince Fumihito is the second son of Emperor Akihito.
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あなたが史人、秋篠宮をサポートしていない場合は、をクリックします。なぜ言う。 / Click, if you do not support Fumihito, Prince Akishino. Say why.

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JPN: 秋篠宮文仁親王(あきしののみや ふみひとしんのう、1965年(昭和40年)11月30日 - )は、日本の皇族。今上天皇の第二皇子。母は皇后美智子。身位は親王、皇室典範における敬称は殿下。お印は栂。勲等は大勲位菊花大綬章。学位は博士(理学)(総合研究大学院大学・1996年)。皇位継承順位は皇太子徳仁親王に次ぐ第2位。 住居(秋篠宮邸)は東京都港区元赤坂2丁目の赤坂御用地内。1997年(平成9年)3月からは旧秩父宮邸を使用している。 2011年11月15日、今上天皇が入院中で皇太子徳仁親王が長野県訪問中の為皇位継承順位に基づき文仁親王が天皇の名 ...
for33against   私は同意できません。史人は、秋篠宮さまは悪い選択である。例えば、理由... (私はなぜ書きたいなら、私はそれをここに書いている), positive
for33against   私の考え史人では、秋篠宮殿下はかなり良い性格です。例えば、理由... (私はなぜ書きたいなら、私はそれをここに書いている), negative
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Crown Prince urges Emperor Akihito to 'reduce burden'

Japan's Crown Prince Naruhito has said that his father Emperor Akihito should reduce his workload after undergoing heart bypass surgery a week ago. Making the comments in a press conference to mark his birthday, the 52-year-old prince said that given his father's age, it is necessary for him to cut down on his official duties, AFP reported. Speaking at the conference, he said: "Considering his age, I think it is necessary to reduce his burden," the news agency quoted. "It's important that people surrounding him think hard to help him. I'd like to do whatever I can that is helpful in ...

Prince Akishino Calls for Retirement Age for Emperors

In an interview marking his 46th birthday, Japan’s Prince Akishino made some controversial remarks about the age limits of Emperors. He said having a retirement age for monarchs is “one idea” and “discussions should be held including at what age to draw the line.” “When you pass a certain age, it gradually becomes difficult for people to do various things,” said Akishino, who’s father, Emperor Akihito, will turn 78 in late December. Under the 1947 Imperial House Law, a male who is a descendant of an Emperor would ascend to the ...

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The Chrysanthemum Throne
I probably should have realised that I wouldn’t get a response from Princess Kiko of Japan. The Imperial Household Agency releases  little information about the Imperial Family to official Press Agencies let alone respond to a few questions from a four-year-old Australian. Even on pretty pink paper with stickers. (Which now has me wondering – [...]
Birthdays and Special Events (November 2007)
The royal birthdays, anniversaries and and special events for the month of November 2007 are: Birthdays 2 – Queen Sofia of Spain 2 – David Armstrong Jones, Viscount Linley 5 – Fawzia Shirin 5 – Prince Kubrat, Prince of Panagiurishte … More »Birthdays and Special Events (November 2007) is a post from TheGloss - A gloss on beauty, fashion, style, love and more.
Prince Hisahito Marks Passage From Infancy to Childhood
At the Akasaka imperial estate Thursday, Japan’s future emperor took part in the Chakko-no-gi ceremony which marked his transition from infancy to childhood. Prince Hisahito, who turned 5 years old last month, dressed in traditional Japanese attire as he went through the ancient ceremony. During the Chakko-no-gi, prayers are offered for good health and growth while the participant is dressed in a kosode (short-sleeved silk jacket) and hakama (culottes). His parents – Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko – and his two older sisters, Princesses Mako and Kako, were present for the event. Sources: MSNBC, Japan Probe
Princess Mako Joins Parents on Duck Hunt
Tuesday saw the eldest grandchild of the Emperor and Empress of Japan take part in a duck hunt in Chiba prefecture. 20 year old Princess Mako joined her parents, Prince Akishino and Princess Kiko, in showing ambassadors from 11 countries this traditional Japanese event. It was among her first royal duties as an adult member of the imperial family. The way duck hunting goes is the person catches a wild duck with their own hands and then sets it free. Although Princess Mako is slowly being added to the schedule for imperial duties, she won’t be full time royal until she completes her studies at the International Christian I University in April 2012. Source: 47news.jp

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