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Frank Lautenberg

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The senior United States Senator from New Jersey since 1993.
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ENG: Frank Raleigh Lautenberg (born January 23, 1924) is the senior United States Senator from New Jersey and a member of the Democratic Party. Previously, he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. At age 87, he is currently the oldest serving member of the Senate. He is one of only two current Senators to have returned to the Senate after having retired from the Senate; the other being Senator Dan Coats of Indiana. Early life Lautenberg was born in Paterson, New Jersey, to Sam and Mollie Lautenberg, impoverished Jewish immigrants from Poland and Russia who had arrived in the United States as infants. When Lautenberg was 19, his father, Sam, who worked in silk mills, sold coal, farmed and once ran a tavern, died of cancer. Frank Lautenberg ...
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Frank Lautenberg: Suspend aid to Pakistan

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) said Monday that Congress needs more information about Pakistan’s “commitment to fight against terrorism” before lawmakers again send billions of dollars in aid to the country where Osama bin Laden was found and killed. “This tremendous milestone in the fight against terrorism also raises serious questions about Pakistan’s commitment to that effort,” said Lautenberg. “The ability of Osama bin Laden to live in a compound so close to Pakistan’s capital is astounding – and we need to understand who knew his ...

Why We Must Ban High-Capacity Gun Magazines

We were honored last week to join James and Sarah Brady as they marked the 30th anniversary of a tragic moment in history - the shooting of President Reagan. James Brady, who took one of the bullets meant for the president, has since dedicated his life to preventing gun violence. It was in his name that Congress came together to pass the Brady law to require a background check for gun purchases. It is time for Congress to come together once again to eliminate senseless violence and save lives. We're determined to ban high-capacity gun magazines like the one Jared Lee Loughner allegedly ...

Lautenberg: Republicans “don’t deserve the freedoms...

Actually, it’s difficult to hear Senator Frank Lautenberg’s patronizing follow-up, because the right-to-life counterprotestors taping his remarks reacted vocally to the idea that an elected official would divide up Constitutional freedoms based on whether people “deserve” them or not. His allowance that he’d give those freedoms to Tea Partiers despite their political views might be even more offensive than his initial remark on Tuesday, as he addressed a Planned Parenthood demonstration: … The Republicans in Congress claim they’re concerned about the ...

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Oliver joins Murphy ticket, promising 'a very different lieutenant governor'
Former Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver says she'll be "a very different lieutenant governor," though Democratic gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy says the details of her integral role in the would-be administration haven't yet been worked out. Murphy formally announced his selection of Oliver at a sweltering rally in a campaign office he shares with the Democratic State Committee that featured blistering critiques of Gov. Chris Christie and Lt.
The Trump administration may be subverting a new bipartisan chemical safety law
Last year, Democratic and Republican members of Congress congratulated each other for what they considered to be a miracle: passage of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act. The law, named after the late chemical safety crusader Sen. Frank Lautenberg , was designed to strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency , giving it more authority to regulate toxic chemicals.
Priyanka Chopra dazzles in white gown at Hamptons gala
Priyanka Chopra stole the show in East Hampton, New York on Friday as she attended the Guild Hall's summer gala in style. The 35-year-old entertainer looked amazing in a billowing white gown with a plunging necklace as she posed for shots at the event, which included a cocktail party, dinner and auction.
NJ Transit Leads Nation for Day-to-Day Federal Budget Assistance
Public-transportation agencies typically ask their states and cities to ante up when they run short of funds for operating expenses like paying employees, fixing tracks or replacing worn parts. This year, almost one-fourth of its operating budget comes courtesy of an accounting maneuver that shifts federal capital funding intended for long-term improvements to more immediate needs, according to The beleaguered commuter service turns to the U.S. government to cover day-to-day costs more than any of its peers, the data show.

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