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Felix Camacho

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Was the 6th Governor of Guam (2003 - 2011).
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ENG: Felix Perez Camacho (born October 30, 1957, in Camp Zama, Japan) is a former Governor of Guam and the son of former Governor Carlos Camacho. He is a member of the United States Republican Party. Early Life Camacho was born on an American military base in Japan while his father, who would later become Guam's first elected governor, was serving in the military. He was raised in Tamuning, Guam and was educated in the Catholic school system. He then received a degree in business administration and finance in 1980 from Marquette University. Camacho has held positions with Pacific Financial Corporation as an insurance manager and with IBM as an account administrator. In March 1988, Governor Joseph Ada appointed him as deputy director of the Public Utility Agency of Guam and later ...
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Guthertz requests Camacho disclose his findings on the build

The Legislature's chairwoman for the Military Buildup Committee is asking the governor to impanel the Guam First Commission. Sen. Judith Guthertz, who is seeking re-election, is also asking Gov. Felix Camacho to share with the Legislature and public the recommendations and findings he provided the federal government. "In the course of my review of the Record of Decision, I have learned that your administration has been involved in talks with the Office of Economic Adjustment and other federal agencies aimed at identifying and responding with project proposals to the various problems ...

Camacho submits bill to implement Hay Group recommendations

Guam Gov. Felix P. Camacho transmitted proposed legislation to I Liheslaturan Guåhan which would implement a compensation policy within the government of Guahan that is consistent with the Government-wide Position, Classification, Compensation, and Benefits Study Plan conducted by the Hay Group, Inc. Additionally, he signed Executive Order 2010-24 adopting the implementation plan to adjust the compensation and classification of government positions.The legislation would appropriate $5.5 million for implementation of the outcomes of the comprehensive Government-wide Position, ...

Gov. Felix Camacho stands firm on health contract

Guam - Saying the government is beyond going back to the negotiation table for health insurance, Governor Felix Camacho isn't backing down on the contract he signed while off-island. While some lawmakers have sought a legal opinion on the governor signing the contract while in California, the governor says bring it on if they want to continue questioning the validity of the agreement. Instead, he says a new funding source will have to be identified to come up with $16 million the Government of Guam needs to pay for contributions through the fiscal year. "If they don't agree with ...

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