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Erna Solberg

* Prime minister
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Erna Solberg - for

En norsk politiker, statsminister siden 2013 og partileder i Høyre siden 2004. | A Norwegian politician, the Prime Minister of Norway since 2013.
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Erna Solberg - against

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Erna Solberg - Voting results:

Totalunique voting viewmultiple voting view
Popularity in total:63.3%46.3%
Popularity in [Norway]:55.0%42.3%
Popularity out of [Norway]:80.0%81.8%
Number of votes for:1950
Number of votes against:1158

- Registered
Popularity in total:0.0%50.0%
Popularity in [Norway]:0.0%0.0%
Popularity out of [Norway]:0.0%50.0%
Number of votes for:01
Number of votes against:11

- non-Registered
Popularity in total:65.5%46.2%
Popularity in [Norway]:55.0%42.3%
Popularity out of [Norway]:88.9%88.9%
Number of votes for:1949
Number of votes against:1057

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