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photo 皇后美智子

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)は、今上天皇の皇后。 | Kōgō Michiko (皇后美智子) is the wife and consort of Emperor Akihito, the current monarch of Japan.
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JPN: 皇后美智子(こうごう みちこ、1934年(昭和9年)10月20日 - )は、今上天皇の皇后。前姓・正田(しょうだ)。身位は皇后。皇室典範に定める敬称は陛下。お印は白樺(しらかば)。日本赤十字社名誉総裁、国際児童図書評議会名誉総裁。 1934年(昭和9年)10月20日、日清製粉勤務の正田英三郎・冨美(1981年(昭和56年)に富美子と改名した)夫妻の長女として東京府東京市本郷区(現・東京都文京区)・東京帝国大学医学部附属病院で誕生。 1959年(昭和34年)4月10日、皇太子明仁親王と結婚、明治以降初めての民間出身の皇太子妃となる。同日の成婚パレ ...
for35against   私の意見で Empress Michiko のではかなりの政治家良いです。例えば、これ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜ私はここに書き込み)を書き込む, positive
for33against   私は同意しない。 Empress Michiko です悪い選択。例えば、これ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜ私はここに書き込み)を書き込む, negative
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Emperor, Empress ride in special Imperial Family train

Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko wave to local residents along the JR Sotobo Line from a special train in the Chiba Prefecture town of Oamishirasato on Sept. 26. (Mainichi) Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, who are touring around Chiba Prefecture mainly to watch the ongoing National Sports Festival, have traveled on a special train for the Imperial Family's exclusive use for the first time in nearly two years. On Sept. 26 the Emperor and Empress watched the bowling and soft tennis competitions in the city of Chiba and the town of Shirako, ...

Empress treated for chronic cough

Empress Michiko apparently has cough-variant asthma but will proceed with her official duties as scheduled while receiving medication, the Imperial Household Agency said Wednesday. The agency said the Empress will be treated with medication for at least two to three months in order to prevent the ailment from developing into bronchial asthma. There were no abnormalities in an X-ray of her lungs that she underwent along with a medical examination Tuesday at the Imperial Household Agency hospital, it said. The Empress has aggravated fatigue after meeting foreign-bound Japanese envoys ...

Empress Michiko shows signs of stress

Empress Michiko has shown symptoms of bleeding from the walls of her intestines several times, but she is in no need of immediate hospitalization and will carry on with her official duties for the time being, according to the Imperial Household Agency.The 72-year-old Empress has also suffered mouth ulcers and nasal bleeding several times, the agency added.She will have a chance to recuperate on two occasions between late March and early April. March 17, 2007 The Japan Times Weekly 7.4.09

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Emperor Akihito Remains Hospitalized
The Emperor of Japan is still being treated at the University of Tokyo Hospital, where he was admitted Sunday for bronchitis. Akihito is said to now be suffering from a fever as well. Empress Michiko has visited him twice so far, canceling making an appearance at a piano recital Monday. It is believed the stress of this year’s earthquake and tsunami weakened the Emperor and made him vulnerable to illness. Stepping in for him is his eldest son, Crown Prince Naruhito. The 51 year old heir was seen presiding over the annual autumn decorations awards on Monday. Next week, he will make a visit to the Yamanashi Prefecture on behalf of his father and mother. Emperor Akihito is 77 years old, and will turn 78 next month. Source: Mainichi Daily Times  
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Bhutanese State Visit to Japan
Yesterday began the first visit to Japan of any kind by a Bhutanese King. The state visit is meant to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Japanese-Bhutan diplomatic ties. King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and his new wife, Queen Jetsun Pema, arrived in Tokyo and quickly met with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and his wife. The two expressed their condolences over the devastating March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Meanwhile the Prime Minister congratulated them on their wedding last month. The King and Noda then discussed ways to tighten their countries relations. On Wednesday, the couple met with members of the Imperial family. They were greeted at the palace by Crown Prince Naruhito and took part in a welcoming ceremony. Naruhito is standing in for his father, Emperor Akihito, who is still being hospitalized with a bad cough. In the evening, the King and Queen will be guests of honor at a state banquet at the palace. During their itinerary, the Bhutanese royals will go to local schools

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