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הוא חבר הכנסת מטעם מפלגת ש"ס. | An Israeli politician, a member of the Knesset for Shas.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומך. תגיד למה. | Click, if you do not support Eli Yishai. Say why.

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HEB: אליהו (אלי) ישי(נולד ב-26 בדצמבר1962) הואחבר הכנסתמטעםמפלגת ש"ס. כיהן כסגן ראש הממשלהוכשרבממשלות ישראל. בין השנים1999-2013היה יו"ר מפלגת ש"ס. ביוגרפיה ישי נולד בירושליםכבן שני מבין שמונת ילדיהם של ציון ואיווט-פורטונה ישי,שעלומתוניס. למד בישיבותחורב, "פורת יוסף" בירושליםוישיבת הנגבבנתיבות. בשנים1980-1983שירת בצה"לתחילה כטנקיסטולאחר מכן כמש"ק דתביחידת תובלה. לאחר שירותו הצבאי למדמסגרותועבד במוסךכרתך ומסגר. החל את דרכו הפוליטית בשנת1984כעוזר ...
for33against   לדעתו של (Eli Yishai) אלי ישי שלי הוא די טוב פוליטיקאי. למשל, כי ... (אם רציתי לכתוב למה, אני כתבתי את זה כאן), positive
for33against   אני לא מסכים. (Eli Yishai) אלי ישי היא בחירה גרועה. למשל, כי ... (אם רציתי לכתוב למה, אני כתבתי את זה כאן), negative
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Yishai: Migrants on Egypt-Israel border can't enter

Interior Minister Eli Yishai said Wednesday that he has no plans of allowing the African migrants stuck in limbo on the Egypt-Israel border to enter the country, army radio reported. "We must act with a heavy hand, with a very clear policy and a border fence," he said. "We cannot let them enter." IDF troops have been standing guard on the Egypt-Israel border over a group of around 20 African migrants – including a pregnant woman – for the past five days. The migrants are stuck on the wrong side of the border fence, but within the territory of the State of Israel, yet being ...

Eli Yishai unwilling to commit Shas to prisoner swap

Shas spiritual mentor Rabbi Ovadia Yosef prayed Monday for the safe return of St. Sgt. Gilad Schalit during a meeting in Jerusalem with Gilad's father and grandfather.Immediately after morning prayers at the rabbi's Har-Nof residence, Yosef blessed Gilad - who was captured at Kerem Hashalom on the Gaza border on June 25, 2006 - and prayed for his safe return. "May the Almighty, blessed be He, bless all IDF soldiers on the front and also Gilad... May He save Gilad from those evil people." Gilad's father Noam Schalit said after the meeting, "I hope that the support of the rabbi will help now at ...

Let’s hope that Eli Yishai’s hurtful anti-gay comments represent small minority

In 1998, I entered the office of Colonel Tal Russo, then the Nahal brigade commander, in order to seek his permission to leave the IDF and withdraw my decision to join the Ofek program for distinguished officers. I did not intend to share with him the real reason for my request, instead asking him to be discharged for personal reasons. Tal of course did not intend to give up easily, and questioned my request, until he asked me something that left me stunned – he asked whether I wish to leave the IDF because I’m a homosexual. At a moment like that, you feel as though the sky is ...

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Shas rabbi insults Yishai's party - Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem PostShas rabbi insults Yishai's partyJerusalem PostFormer Shas chairman Eli Yishai's new party, Yahad Ha'am Itanu, is a toilet, Shas mentor Rabbi Shalom Cohen said Friday night. Cohen spoke about the massive advertising campaign Yishai began over the weekend, after the latter placed ads in several ...Eli Yishai: If I Would Speak Out, We Would Receive 10-12 SeatsYeshiva World NewsEli Yishai Backs Netanyahu for Prime MinisterArutz ShevaAfter split with Shas, Yishai releases 'doomsday weapon' tape on DeriHaaretzThe Times of Israel -The Jewish Press -Ynetnewsvšech 155 zpravodajských článků »
Israel Elections – Shas MKs Ordered Not To Mention Eli Yishai's Name - JP Updates
JP UpdatesIsrael Elections – Shas MKs Ordered Not To Mention Eli Yishai's NameJP UpdatesIt would seem that Eli Yishai is being sent out from the Charedi political world without even the shirt on his back. Shas chairman Aryeh Deri returned yesterday from a 13 day hiatus to lead the Shas party. Deri announced his decision during a caucus ...A Small but Encouraging Victory for Yishai Over DeriYeshiva World NewsIsraeli elections: 13 mandates for ultra-orthodox?Alternative Information Center (AIC)Deri vows to protect poor as he launches Shas election campaignJerusalem PostArutz Shevavšech 14 zpravodajských článků »
Does Eli Yishai's party have a chance? - Haaretz
HaaretzDoes Eli Yishai's party have a chance?HaaretzRabbi Meir Mazuz, head of the Kiseh Rahamim Yeshiva in Bnei Brak, is apparently of the first kind, and to understand MK Eli Yishai's new party, Ha'am Itanu, one should hear what the rabbi whom Yishai swears by has to say. In an interview this week on ...Sefardi Haredi Pol Gets Death Threats After Leaving Shas To Form New Political ...FailedMessiah.comYouth Arrested for Threatening Eli YishaiThe Jewish PressSplit may decimate ShasJewish ChronicleJerusalem Post -Yeshiva World Newsvšech 8 zpravodajských článků »
MK Eli Yishai's 'patron' tries to lure disaffected Tekuma rabbis - Haaretz
HaaretzMK Eli Yishai's 'patron' tries to lure disaffected Tekuma rabbisHaaretzDissatisfied with their party's decision to remain in Habayit Hayehudi, two senior rabbis affiliated with the Tekuma faction met Sunday with the "patron" of MK Eli Yishai (Shas), who is supporting the establishment of Yishai's new party Ha'am Itanu ...Hardline national-religious rabbis come out in support of Yishai's new partyJerusalem PostRabbi Criticizes Tekuma's 'Moral Mistake' in Joining Jewish HomeArutz ShevaReligious right to remain unified after BayitYnetnewsThe Jewish Press -Yeshiva World Newsvšech 20 zpravodajských článků »

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