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Eesti Keskerakond on Eesti partei. | The Estonian Centre Party is a centrist and social-liberal political party in Estonia.
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Eesti Keskerakond on Eesti partei. See asutati 12. oktoobril 1991 Tallinnas. Erakonna esimees on Edgar Savisaar. Erakond paigutab ennast poliitilisse tsentrumisse. Keskerakond kuulub koos Reformierakonnaga Euroopa liberaalsete ja reformiparteide ühendusse. Minevikus kuulus sellesse ühendusse ka Koonderakond. Keskerakonna majanduspoliitika nurgakiviks on sotsiaalse turumajanduse aren­damine. Liikmete arvult on Keskerakond 2008. aasta jaanuari seisuga suurim partei Eestis. Novembris 2006 ületas Keskerakonna liikmete arv 10 000. Alates 18. augustist 1999 ilmub erakonna kuukirja "Seitse Päeva" kõrval ka laiale lugejaskonnale mõeldud nädalaleht "Kesknädal".


Esimees: Edgar Savisaar

Peasekretär: Priit Toobal

Asutatud: 1991

Ideoloogia: tsentrism, sotsiaalne turumajandus







The Estonian Centre Party (Estonian: Eesti Keskerakond) is a centrist and social-liberal political party in Estonia. The Centre Party is a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). It has the largest membership of an Estonian political party, with over 14,000 members. It is often considered as personalist due to the strong influence of its chairman Edgar Savisaar. Vice chairmen of the party are Kadri Simson and Enn Eesmaa. The party was founded on 12 October 1991 from the basis of the Popular Front of Estonia after several parties split from it. At that time, the party was called People's Centre Party (Rahvakeskerakond) in order to differentiate from the smaller Rural Centre Party (Maa-Keskerakond). The Centre Party has become by far the most popular party among Russians in Estonia, being supported by up to 75% of ethnic non-Estonians.


Leader: Edgar Savisaar

Founded: 12 October 1991


Preceded by: Popular Front of Estonia

Ideology: Centrism, Social liberalism, Populism



January 24, 2013

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