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Eddie Calvo

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The 7th Governor of Guam since 2011.
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ENG: Eddie Baza Calvo (born August 29, 1961 Tamuning, Guam) is a Guamanian politician and Governor of Guam since 2011. A member of the Republican Party, Calvo was a five-term Senator within the Legislature of Guam. He became the Governor of Guam, having defeated Democrat Carl Gutierrez in the 2010 gubernatorial election. Calvo has chosen Senator Ray Tenorio as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor of Guam. Early life Calvo was born on August 29, 1961, in Tamuning, Guam. He is the son of Governor Paul McDonald Calvo, who served as the Governor of Guam from 1979 until 1983, and former Guamanian First Lady Rosa Herrero Baza. His paternal grandparents were former Congressman Eduardo Torres Calvo and Veronica Mariano McDonald Calvo, who resided in Maite, Guam. His maternal grandparents ...
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Calvo: China missile threat serious

China's ballistic missile capabilities can now shadow Guam, according to one military strategist, and this threat must be taken seriously, said Gov. Eddie Calvo. "Asia is emerging economically, politically and militarily," the governor said. "We live near an unstable region. North Korea always has been a threat to Guam. Every threat must be taken seriously, and I have full confidence the American government always has taken any threat seriously." Thomas Mahnken, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College in Rhode Island, said in a Gannett Washington Bureau interview that the island is no ...

Calvo: Speed up political status

GOV. Eddie Baza Calvo is calling on leaders to make their appointments to the Commission on Decolonization, saying there is no time to waste and now is the time to move forward on Guam’s quest for self-determination. “It’s a shame this commission has not been active for so long,” Calvo said. “The last big push we had was for the Draft Commonwealth Act. The time is ripe for us to choose our political status. Together, we will move this process forward and bring the right of self-determination to our people once and for all.” Calvo has ...

Guam Leadership Gather to Prepare for Typhoon Season

Leaders from military and the Government of Guam gathered at the JRM headquarters in Asan for the Exercise Typhoon Pakyo (PUHK-dzoo) Senior Leadership Seminar May 31. The inaugural seminar was held in order to provide leadership a forum to review and discuss topics pertinent to typhoon preparation and recovery in recognition of the upcoming typhoon season on Guam. The island's typhoon season runs from June to December. JRM Commander Rear Adm. Paul Bushong welcomed attendees. He stressed the importance of readiness and collaboration. "It's been a long time since the island got hit by a typhoon, ...

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