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A British Labour Party politician, currently the Leader of the Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition.
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Ed Miliband: David Cameron has 'sold Britain down ...

... the river' in Europe Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has accused David Cameron of selling Britain 'down the river' by leaving the UK isolated from Europe. Last month the Prime Minister vetoed a new European treaty for greater fiscal intergration between eurozone countries saying there were not enough safeguards for the City. Yesterday the treaty was signed without Britain. Mr Miliband said: "I'm very concerned about what David Cameron has done. He trumpeted last December that he had got a great deal for Britain and protected us. "And the way Europe was going to go about ...

Memo to Ed Miliband: Listen to your brother on benefits Rea

Miliband is right. The only trouble for Labour is that it is David not Ed who is charting the path to a revival for his troubled party. David Miliband, the Blairite brother who was widely expected to win the leadership until the unions sneaked Ed into the top spot via the cat flap in Labour's back door, has written a 3,000-word tome for the New Statesman magazine. In it, he urges his party to get out of its comfort zone and rethink the attitudes and policies that cost it the last election. Specifically, he says that the weaknesses of David Cameron's Big Society project 'should not blind ...

Ed Miliband’s link to Anne Frank

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, has a family connection to Anne Frank, the Holocaust victim, discloses his brother. Ed Miliband used his first conference speech as Labour leader to describe how his parents had fled the Nazis. There is, though, one intriguing family connection that has now come to light. His brother, David Miliband, has disclosed that his aunt knew the father of Anne Frank, the diary-writing victim of the Holocaust. “She had a lovely lilt when she talked about this kindly, extraordinary man who came into her life to talk about his daughter,” says the former ...

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