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Earl Blumenauer

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The U.S. Representative for Oregon's 3rd congressional district, serving since 1996.
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ENG: Earl Blumenauer (born August 16, 1948) is the U.S. Representative for Oregon's 3rd congressional district, serving since 1996. He is a member of the Democratic Party. The district includes most of Portland east of the Willamette River. A native of Portland, he previously spent over 20 years as a public official representing the city. Early life Blumenauer was born in Portland, Oregon, on August 16, 1948. In 1966, he graduated from Centennial High School on the eastside of Portland and then enrolled at Lewis & Clark College in the southwest part of the city. He majored in political science and received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lewis & Clark in 1970. Blumenauer completed his education in 1976 when he earned a Juris Doctor degree from the school's Northwestern School ...
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Blumenauer to Black Out Website In Solidarity Against PIPA..

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), a senior member of the House Budget and Ways and Means Committees, announced that he would black out his Congressional website this afternoon in support of Internet freedom and in solidarity with online businesses and innovators against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA). “Today I am joining the millions of Americans who are standing with the world’s most innovative websites against the proposed censorship of PIPA and SOPA,” Blumenauer said. “This misguided, overly-broad legislation would curb the innovation of ...

Perspectives on Portland: Earl Blumenauer

"I don’t think there’s a city in the country that’s better positioned to move forward for a green, sustainable, global future. From everything from the food that we eat and agricultural policy to harnessing technology to creative arts and the nuts and bolts of infrastructure construction, I think the elements are here." There is probably no political figure more synonymous with Portland than Earl Blumenauer. With his decades-long record of public service that includes stints as a state legislator, Multnomah County commissioner, and city councilor, Blumenauer emphasized ...

Congress Says Pizza and French Fries Are Vegetables!

Like many of you, when I heard this I thought it had to be a headline from The Onion. But sadly I've realized that there are too many agri-businesses and politicians who are willing to allow our childhood obesity epidemic to continue. They don't care that our military is telling us that young people are too fat to fight, with only one in four meeting the fitness requirements for military service. They don't care that one in three children under the age of 18 will develop Type II Diabetes within their lifetime. They don't care that the rate of childhood obesity has doubled since 1980. The ...

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House Passes Blumenauer Bill to Preserve Special Immigrant Visa Program
WASHINGTON, DC— Today, the House of Representatives passed a bill (HR 3233) authored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer by unanimous consent extending the Special Immigrant Visa Program. Blumenauer released the following statement: Tonight, we have reached an agreement that will preserve the Iraqi Special Immigrant Visa program, which expired on September 30th. These translators and guides risked their lives to help and serve American soldiers. By all accounts, thousands of these people performed critical tasks faithfully, if not flawlessly. We made an implicit promise to protect them when the American presence was scaled down and they risked their lives to help us. Now, many are threatened on a daily basis by enemies of the United States with very long memories. We need to fulfill our promise to get them out of harm’s way. This bill is an example of how the House of Representatives can and should work: in a bipartisan way and in the best interests of our citizens and allies. I thank
House Democrats Urge Vote to Reopen the Government
Washington, D.C. – Today, 200 Members of the House Democratic Caucus, led by Congressmen Timothy H. Bishop and Patrick Murphy, sent a letter to Speaker John Boehner [PDF] demanding a vote on behalf of the American people on the Senate-passed continuing resolution, which would reopen government and end the detrimental, five day long Republican Government Shutdown.  The letter, which is signed by 195 voting Members and 5 non-voting delegates, makes clear that there is a bipartisan majority to pass this bill and reopen government now.  Below is the full text of the letter: October 5, 2013 The Honorable John BoehnerSpeakerUnited States House of RepresentativesWashington, D.C.  20515 Dear Speaker Boehner, Enough is enough. Today marks the fifth day that the federal government has been shutdown.  Please consider how deeply unfair this is to the citizens we represent. The solution to this crisis is a simple piece of legislation that funds the governme
Blumenauer Statement on the Federal Government Shutdown
Because Republicans in the House of Representatives refused to fund the government unless the Affordable Care Act was defunded or delayed, many parts of the federal government have shut down. It is difficult to tell exactly what the effects will be, since the last shutdown ended in 1996, but we know that millions of families across the country will suffer. Veterans’ benefits, Social Security, unemployment, and Medicare will continue to function, although payments and disbursements may be delayed due to lack of personnel to process them. My offices, in Portland and at the Capitol will remain open. Legislative activities will continue as the House of Representatives considers proposed bills and resolutions to resolve this impasse.  My staff and I will serve you as best we can during this time, responding to your questions and concerns. I’ll continue working to reopen the federal government without giving into the unreasonable and unrelated demands of those who want to refight
Blumenauer, Polis, Massie Push for Institutions of Higher Education to be able to Grow and ...
WASHINGTON, DC— Today, Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Jared Polis, and Thomas Massie called for the inclusion of language previously approved by the House, allowing institutions of higher education to grow and cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes in the final FARRM bill conference report. In June, Polis, Massie, and Blumenauer, successfully passed an amendment to H.R. 2642, the House passed Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act, allowing for industrial hemp research. The amendment passed with broad bipartisan support by a 225-200 margin, indicating widespread understanding that legislators are listening to the American public who now see industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity, not a drug. “Hemp can be used in thousands of different products, and all of those are legal to make right here in the US,” said Blumenauer. “But we have these laws that just make no sense at all so we have to import hemp.  Why are we doing this? Why don’t we g

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