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ENG: Duncan Duane Hunter (born December 7, 1976) is a member of the United States House of Representatives. Effective January 2013 he represents California's 50th congressional district. He has served in Congress since 2009, previously representing the California's 52nd congressional district, where he was preceded in office by his father Duncan Hunter. As a result of redistricting, Hunter switched to the neighboring 50th district at the start of the 113th Congress in 2013. He is a member of the Republican Party. Hunter's district covers almost all of San Diego County except for the coastal and border areas. It includes Fallbrook, San Marcos, Valley Center, Escondido, Santee, Lakeside, and mountain and desert areas stretching to the Imperial County line.Hunter is a former United States ...
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Rep Hunter Trying To Protect Homophobes In The Military

‘Eff democracy’ seems to be the latest motto out of the Republican Party. It should not be surprising that the GOP is busy doing what they can in order to try and cling to their anti-gay base for as long as possible. Republican Representative Duncan Hunter of California is one of the sore losers in the GOP who is still upset that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is done. What is more, he is continuing to cling to this notion that his fellow bigots are going to run away from the military. Hunter wants to add yet another obstruction to the repeal of DADT. This time, the amendment ...

Hunter: Ronald Reagan ‘Would Never Be Elected Today’

Rep. Duncan Hunter Jr. (R-CA) spoke recently to the Eagle Forum of San Diego, a right-wing group tied to Phyllis Schlafly’s anti-feminist organization. Hunter — who has previously touted his nationalistic bonafides with talk about how bike paths are unconstitutional — focused his remarks on the 2012 presidential election. Hunter said that conservatives should line up behind any electable Republican candidate because policy would still be driven by Congress, which he assumed would stay in the hands of the right. Notably, Hunter said Ronald Reagan was too moderate and could ...

Rep. Duncan Hunter's Education Bill Would Cut 43 Programs

If California Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter has his way, 43 federal education programs will be slashed. Duncan introduced a bill Friday -- the Setting New Priorities in Education Spending Act -- that would cut what he calls "wasteful" education programs. The bill is the latest in a stream of federal education bills involved in broader legislation related to the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, a 1965 law that funds public education. Plans for the bill were first reported by Education Week's Politics K-12 blog, which notes that the bill aims to cut more than ...

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Hunter: Doing Right by Those on Veterans Day
Veterans Day is an opportunity to recognize and remember the sacrifices our military men and women and their families have made in the service of our country. As a Marine Corps veteran, I believe it is also important to recognize the many challenges these individuals face when transitioning out of the military and returning to the workforce. To assist with this transition, Congress has increased our Veterans Affairs GI Bill to be the most generous our warriors have ever seen. While many veterans aspire toward a conventional college classroom education, some prefer employment opportunities in the manufacturing and skilled trade labor fields. Unfortunately, an unnecessary bureaucratic process is preventing many California veterans from being able to utilize their hard-earned VA GI Bill benefits while receiving the necessary certifications and training that provides for a successful return to the workforce. Before disbursing VA GI Bill educational benefits, a school or training facility m
Education is key to America’s workforce investment strategy
As the Congress begins to consider reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) and Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) are trying to fix this problem. They have introduced the Expanding Education for America’s Workforce Act of 2017 (H.R. 4078) to modernize our higher education laws to help students learn the skills and training they need in order to fulfill our nation’s …
Washington, DC --  Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) today voted in favor of the conference report for H.R. 2810, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, when it passed the House by a bipartisan margin of 356-70.  This legislation provides the authorization for critical military programs and resources. “After years of neglect, my approach to defense funding is simple: Ensure the warfighter has what the warfighter needs,” said Congressman Hunter, a member of the House Armed Service Committee and Chairman of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee.  “Today we have too many planes that cannot fly, too many ships that cannot sail, and too many soldiers who cannot deploy.  All while too many threats are gathering.  This bill invests in those who actually carry out the responsibilities we ask without the political games or empty rhetoric.” Specifically, H.R. 2810 authorizes and prioritizes funding for the Department of Defense (DOD) regardin
GOP rep presses Trump for block buy of Arctic icebreakers
Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) is pressing President Trump to support a block buy of Arctic icebreakers, arguing the move will save the government “hundreds of millions of dollars.” The Coast Guard has just two fully functional icebreakers, only one of which is a heavy-duty icebreaker. The cost of building additional Arctic icebreakers, special-purpose ships designed to navigate through ice-covered waters, …

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