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Dorian Baxter

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A minister in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada who uses the music of Elvis Presley in his services, using the name The Reverend Elvis Priestly.
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ENG: Dorian Baxter (born 3 April 1950 in Mombasa Island, Kenya) is an Anglican minister in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada who uses the music of Elvis Presley in his services, using the name The Reverend Elvis Priestly. Baxter was baptized and confirmed by the first Black Bishop of Mombasa in Mombasa Cathedral. His father Arthur Baxter was a Major in the British Army and his mother Ena Baxter was a Corporal. From 1962-1967, he competed in the Amateur Boxer in Kenya National Championships, but failed to medal. In 1966, he became the Kenya National Backstroke Champion. Baxter came to Canada, landing on 28 March 1968, moving to Toronto. He obtained his B.A. from York University in Humanities and his Master's Degree in Divinity from the University of Toronto. He has been an educator for 33 ...
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Toronto-Danforth candidates attempt to sway voters...

... ahead of by-election Toronto-Danforth is one of the most widely known federal ridings in the nation, which is due in part to former New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton. Due to his death, a federal by-election was called and now 11 candidates are vying for his seat. A wide range of candidates threw their names into the hat for the upcoming Toronto-Danforth by-election. From mainstream candidates in the big four parties – Liberal, Conservative, New Democratic and Green – to relatively unknown candidates in the minor political groups, such as the Progressive Canadian ...

Baxter runs in Toronto-Danforth byelection

Newmarket’s Dorian Baxter is seeking a federal seat in the Toronto-Danforth byelection.The seat was left vacant with the death of former NDP leader Jack Layton.A previous resident of the riding, Mr. baxter will represent the Progressive Canadian Party.He has committed to donating half his MP salary, if elected, back to the riding to battle poverty.He has been defeated twice each by Belinda Stronach and Lois Brown in the Newmarket-Aurora riding and was unsuccessful in his bid for the Vaughan seat in the 2010 byelection, but he said he is still determined to offer people a strong voice and ...

The Most Reverend Dorian A. Baxter, B.A., O.T.C., M.Div.

Family and Children’s Services target of protest WATERLOO REGION — A small group of protesters picketing Family and Children’s Service of Waterloo Region in the bitter winds of Monday morning were demanding public accountability from an agency they believe destroys families. And they had a most unusual advocate. The Newmarket man who calls himself the Most Reverend Dorian A. Baxter, Lord Archbishop of Yorke, leads a fringe independent Anglican group called Christ the King Graceland. He is also an Elvis impersonator. While sporting a black Elvis wig and Elvis glasses, ...

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