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The non-voting Delegate from the United States Virgin Islands to the United States House of Representatives.
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ENG: Donna Marie Christian-Christensen, formerly Donna Christian-Green (born September 19, 1945), is the non-voting Delegate from the United States Virgin Islands to the United States House of Representatives. Biography Early life Donna Christian-Christensen was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, the daughter of a county judge. She attended St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana and the George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. and earned an M.D. She interned at San Francisco's Pacific Medical Center and performed her residency at Howard University medical center. Career Donna Christian-Christensen worked as a physician, first in the emergency room and later in the maternity ward. She then served as medical director for the St. Croix Hospital in St. ...
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Christensen Announces Deadline for CBCF Congr. Internships

The deadline to apply for the summer session of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Congressional Internship Program is March 22,according to a press release from the Office of the V.I. Congressional Delegate. The 2012 summer session is slated for May 27 to July 28. The nine-week summer program offers college students from across the nation the opportunity to learn about the legislative process, leadership and careers in the policy making process. Interns work in CBC member offices, attend professional development events, and participate in leadership development projects. The ...

Christensen, Waxman Urge Fed Analysis of Hovensa Closure

Delegate Donna Christensen (D-USVI) and Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) are calling on the U.S. Energy Information Administration to analyze the closing of the Hovensa oil refinery on St. Croix, according to Christensen's office. In a letter to the agency, Christensen and Waxman -- Ranking Member of the Energy and Commerce Committee -- expressed concern about the decision to idle refining capacity in St. Croix, "as it would surely impact the supply of petroleum products and lead to increased energy prices for consumers in the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as the Gulf and East Coast regions," ...

St. Croix: “An Economic Earthquake”

Politic365 Managing Editor Charles D. Ellison talks with Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D), an eight-term delegate representing the United States Virgin Islands, about the recent closure of the HOVENSA oil refinery on St. Croix, the island’s largest private employer. Christensen described the event as an “economic earthquake” as it will leave nearly 2,000 workers jobless, a crippling economic blow to the territories with a population of nearly 110,000. Virgin Islands Labor Commissioner Albert Bryan predicts St. Croix’s unemployment rate will soar to nearly 20% after ...

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Christensen – HHS Releases Quadrupled LIHEAP Dollars to Virgin Islands
(Washington, DC – October 21, 2014) – Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen said today that the Department of Health and Human Services has announced that the Virgin Islands will receive $523,604 in Low Income Energy Assistance Program funding for FY 2015 or four times the funding that the territory has received in recent years. The award was part of $3 billion in funding released nationwide.  “This is the highest amount of LIHEAP funding that the Virgin Islands has ever received and it is a direct result of my efforts to get more assistance in the wake of the HOVENSA closing and the very high bills that we all have to pay,” Congresswoman Christensen said.  The funding is being made available from HHS’s Administration for Children and Family’s Office of Community Services (OCS) to states, territories, tribes and the District of Columbia pursuant to the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2015 (Public Law 113-164). Congresswoman Christensen, who serves on the Commi
Christensen: Be Prepared for Gonzalo
(St. Croix, US Virgin Islands – October 13, 2014) – Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen to take the hurricane warnings for Gonzalo seriously and heed the advice being given by VITEMA and other local officials.  “Although we are all hurricane veterans by now, and even though most recent reports suggest a lesser impact, we should still exercise the greatest caution in preparing for storms, which are unpredictable at best,” Congresswoman Christensen said.  “I am continuing to work with local and federal officials and stand ready to assist in any eventuality.” Congresswoman Christensen reminded families and neighbors to check on the elderly and any in their circle who may need special help.  “We can’t wait until the onset of the storm, the time to check and make sure that everyone is secure is now,” she said. ###    
Christensen Gratified That JFL To Get More Time To Avoid Decertification
(Washington, DC – October 6, 2014) – Delegate to Congress Donna M. Christensen said today that she is gratified that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid will give the Juan Luis Hospital and Medical Center more time to avoid decertification.  Congresswoman Christensen who set up the October 3rd meeting between Luis officials and CMS in order to avert the planned October 9th loss of Medicare funding, said that it is now up to local officials to put an agreement in place in six weeks that satisfies CMS’s conditions. “The Luis Hospital needs the full attention of the board, the Governor and Legislature and its staff to come up with a new Systems Improvement Agreement in six weeks and the implementation of that agreement in nine months,” she said. “There will be no wriggle room next time. We must all demonstrate that our hospitals are important to all of us and that quality care is a right,” she said. Upon learning of the CMS plan to decertify JFL late last month, Congressw
Christensen To Hospitals: Are You Following CDC Ebola Guidelines
(St. Croix, Virgin Islands – October 13, 2014) – Delegate to Congress Donna Christensen wrote to the Chief Executive Officers of the Schneider Regional Medical Center and the Juan Luis Hospital and Medical Center last week inquiring as to whether the safety protocols from the Centers for Disease Control regarding the Ebola virus were in place. In letters to Dr. Bernard Wheatley of SRMC and Dr. Kendall Griffith of JFLH,  Congresswoman Christensen asked the executives if the hospitals had received screening protocols and if they had trained staff to address the situation if a patient with troubling symptoms came to their facilities to receive care.  Congresswoman Christensen said that will also be communicating with the clinics and the Virgin Islands Medical Society. “As a tourist destination, we are open to visitors from around the world,” Congresswoman Christensen said. She asked the CEOs if the CDC had provided enough guidance and if they had been responsive to any concerns

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