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Демократска странка (ДС) је опозициона политичка странка у Србији. | The Democratic Party (DS) is a social liberal political party in Serbia.

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Кликните на дугме, ако не подржавају Демократску странку. Рећи зашто. | Click, if you do not support the Democratic Party of Serbia. Say why.

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Демократска странка (скраћено ДС) је социјалдемократска опозициона политичка странка у Србији. Њен председник је актуелни градоначелник Београда Драган Ђилас, изабран на XV ванредној изборној Скупштини. Друга је по величини политичка партија у Србији и највећа опозициона партија у парламенту.


Председник: Драган Ђилас

Потпредседници: Бојан Пајтић

Оснивач: Љубомир Давидовић (1919)

Коалиција: Избор за бољи живот — Борис Тадић

Основана: 16. фебруар 1919. (обновљена 1989. након гашења 1948.)

Идеологија: Социјалдемократија, Трећи пут, Социјални либерализам, Европеизам.







The Democratic Party (Serbian: Демократска странка, ДC / Demokratska stranka, DS) is a social liberal and social democratic political party in Serbia. It is the main centre-left party in Serbia, and is currently second largest party in the National Assembly and official opposition party. The Democratic Party is a full member of the Socialist International and an associate member of the Party of European Socialists.


The party was founded in 1989 by a group of Serbian intellectuals as a revival of the old Democratic Party. It was one of the main opposition parties to the presidency of Slobodan Milošević during the 1990s. Democratic Party joined the DOS coalition in 2000, and became part of the new coalition government after the 2000 parliamentary election. Zoran Đinđić, than president of the Democratic Party, became the Prime Minister of Serbia in January 2001, but was assassinated in 2003, and the Party lost the power at the parliamentary election later that year. New president of the Democratic Party, Boris Tadić, won the 2004 presidential election, and the party returned to power after the 2007 and 2008 parliamentary elections. Tadić was reelected in 2008, but both him and the Party lost the 2012 presidential and parliamentary elections, so the Democratic party became opposition party once again. Dragan Đilas, Mayor of Belgrade was elected new party president after the 2012 elections.


President: Dragan Đilas

Vice president: Bojan Pajtić

Fo. nded: December 11, 1989

Youth wing: Democratic Youth

Ideology: Social democracy, Third Way, Social liberalism, Pro-Europeanism



December 12, 2012

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