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Democratic Party - one of two major contemporary political parties in the United States.
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Thank you so much
Last week, the Republicans had a good night. We didn't. We worked hard for months, we even won a few tough races, but it wasn't enough. Sometimes, that happens. In a democracy, on occasion, the other side is going to win. But even if I'm disappointed, I'm not discouraged. And that's because of people like you. For months, you all made calls. You talked to your neighbors. You knocked doors. You donated. You stood with President Obama, and you stood up for middle-class families. You inspire me every single day, and I don't want another minute to go by without you hearing me say how much I appreciate what you do. So, thank you. Your dedication is at the heart and soul of who we are as a party, and because of that, I need your help for what's going to come next. I don't want to sit through another night like Tuesday again. So we're going to kick off an effort at the DNC to figure out how we can do better in future elections like these. We&#

President Obama: “Hope will always be a better choice.”
This afternoon, President Obama sent an email thanking Democrats for their hard work during the midterm elections. Read it below: The hardest thing in politics is changing the status quo. The easiest thing is to get cynical. The Republicans had a good night on Tuesday -- but believe me when I tell you that our results were better because you stepped up, talked to your family and friends, and cast your ballot. I want you to remember that we're making progress. There are workers who have jobs today who didn't have them before. There are millions of families who have health insurance today who didn't have it before. There are kids going to college today who didn't have the opportunity to go to college before. So don't get cynical. Cynicism didn't put a man on the moon. Cynicism has never won a war, or cured a disease, or built a business, or fed a young mind. Cynicism is a choice. And hope will always be a better choice. I have hope for the next few y

DNC Announces Election Review with Video from Chair Wasserman Schultz
Washington, DC – Today the DNC announced a top-to-bottom review of the 2014 election. In the coming weeks, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz will appoint leading Democratic Party organizers, activists and strategists to review what happened in 2014 and what the party needs to improve in coming midterm elections. The Democratic Party has failed to translate success in presidential years to midterms and off years. Wasserman Schultz announced the new effort in a video for supporters, saying in part:   We know we’re right on the issues. The American people believe in the causes we’re fighting for. But the electoral success we have when our presidential nominee is able to make the case to the country as a whole, doesn’t translate in other elections. That’s why we lost in 2010, and it’s why we lost on Tuesday.  We’ve got to do better. So that’s why, we’re going to kick off an effort at the DNC to do a top-to-bo

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Statement Honoring Veterans Day
Washington, DC – In honor of Veterans Day, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement: “Today, we reflect on the extraordinary courage of the brave men and women who protect the rights and freedoms that define who we are as a nation. “The first observance of November 11 as a national holiday was a commemoration of Armistice Day, thought to be the end of the war to end all wars. Though it is a promise which we have yet to fulfill, each successive generation has answered the call to fight in the hopes that their children will not have to. On Veterans Day, we express our gratitude for their strength and sacrifices. “More than anything we do today, the best way to honor their service is to ensure that when they return home they are provided the same opportunities which they have risked their lives to defend. This means that we have a responsibility to fully fund the VA, expand educational opportunities through the GI Bill, prov

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