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Democratic Party - one of two major contemporary political parties in the United States.
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ENG: The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States along with the Republican Party. Since the 1930s, the party has promoted a socially liberal and progressive platform, and its Congressional caucus is composed of progressives, liberals, and centrists. The party has the lengthiest record of continuous operation in the United States and is among the oldest political parties in the world. Current President of the United States Barack Obama is the 15th Democrat to hold the office of Presidency. As of the 113th Congress following the 2012 elections, the Democratic Party currently holds a minority of seats in the House of Representatives and a majority of seats in the Senate, as well as a minority of state governorships and control of a ...
for2against   Debts and crises do not suddenly arise, it's a proces of the long term by cutting laws and bad management; it's not just the democrats fault that we face a crisis today., Galileo
for1against   When you talk about debt, i rather think it's the republicans fault with their lack of rules towards the financial system then the fault of the democrats., Galileo
for6against   Fundamental principles don't see that they have anymore. Many bad causes and compromising with things that hurt us., joycewgreene
for3against   I will not vote for any party that expands goverment, increases our debt, increases taxes regardless of how good the intentions may be. Don"t get me started on ethics either!, Bgoodwin
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Democrats Destroying U.S.

LETTER from MICHAEL WALZ: America is being destroyed by Democrats. The Democratic Party should be illegal because it endangers the United States of America. Absolutely 100 percent of our situation is due to inhumane behavior on the part of Democrats. All right-thinking people should be aware that Medicare and Medicaid, and all of Social Security, are an evil Socialist plot to destroy our nation. By any definition this is inhumane. First, these horrors are stealing money from the job creators. Second, this is inhumane as it helps the unproductive. It is time to pull off the ...

Social Democratic agenda

The standard view I encounter is that the left has a once in a generation (maybe once in a century) opportunity to enact its agenda, and if we don't do it now, and quickly, we're sunk. I'm sympathetic to this view because it's true that crisis really does create opportunity, because conservatism really is as discredited as its been in decades, and because the American constitutional system is so unruly and hostile to change that electoral alignments like the one Democrats currently enjoy are rare.But there's also the possibility that we're at the beginning of a long era of social democratic ...

Some Dems want brake in Obama action

Barack Obama’s Big Bang Theory of Governance is starting to face its first big test among the new president’s fellow Democrats.At the White House Tuesday morning, Obama began the day with a sharp push-back against the idea that his far-reaching agenda on health care, energy and other initiatives is too much, too soon.As Obama’s remarks echoed on Capitol Hill, it soon became clear that the skeptics are not just Republicans.There is rising doubt among Democrats — particularly moderates already concerned about the big costs and deficits called for in Obama’s budget ...

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DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Announces Democratic Victory Task Force Members
Washington, DC – Today, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced that she has appointed the members of the DNC’s Democratic Victory Task Force, an initiative that Wasserman Schultz announced in the days after the 2014 Midterm Election. The appointed members of the Democratic Victory Task Force are Naomi Aberly, Governor Steve Beshear (KY), Donna Brazile, Maria Cardona, Marc Elias, Teddy Goff, Maneesh Goyal, Colorado Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio, Lee Saunders and Eric Schmidt. The Democratic Victory Task Force will conduct a thorough review and assessment of key components of the Democratic Party’s – and related organizations - role in recent elections and identify places where the Party can strengthen and improve operations to better serve candidates and constituents in future elections. It will cast a wide net that will examine a range of issues that ultimately will produce recommendations on steps both the national and state parties must take
The DNC’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide
‘Tis the season! We’ve put together a few of our favorite pieces of Democratic gear from our new store just in time for holiday shopping. Not only is it the perfect place to find a gift for your favorite Democrat, but all proceeds go to help elect Dems across the country in 2015, 2016, and beyond. "Like a Boss" POTUS T-Shirt Democrats Logo, I Lean Left, and Stop the GOP Buttons I Hate Tea (Parties) Travel Tumbler "I
DNC Chair Rep. Wasserman Schultz’s Statement on the November Jobs Report
Washington, DC – After the release of the November jobs report, which showed that 321,000 jobs were added last month, the highest single month of job creation in nearly three years, and the unemployment rate held at 5.8 percent – a six year low, DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz released the following statement: “This is what progress looks like. Our economy has added nearly 11 million private-sector jobs over 57 months of straight job growth. That’s the longest streak on record and it didn’t happen by accident. We’ve added 2.65 million jobs in the past 11 months alone, putting 2014 on pace to be the strongest year for job growth since 1999.  It happened because of the hard work and determination of the American people and the President’s policies over the last six years that have gotten our economy moving again.  “As a nation, we still have a lot of work to do. While Democrats continue to fight for common sense prop
President Obama wants to say thank you
President Obama sent an email to supporters today thanking them for all they do for the Democratic Party. Here's what he had to say:   I really hope you know how grateful I am to have you standing with me. And I hope you've heard me say that before. But just in case, I want to send you something to make it clear how much I appreciate all you do. What's the best place for me to send a thank you note? For years you've stood by me -- and not just when we've won. You've been part of making access to affordable health care a reality for millions more in this country, in taking groundbreaking action against climate change, and in working to improve our immigration system. We took those steps together, and I can't thank you enough. Sign up, then check your mailbox -- and know that we couldn't have done any of this without you: http://my.democrats.org/Thank-You-Note Thank you. Really. Barack Obama  

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