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)は、日本の政党。略称は民主、DPJ。 | The Democratic Party of Japan (DJP or Minshutō) is a centre-left political party in Japan.
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JPN: 民主党(みんしゅとう、英語: Democratic Party of Japan)は、日本の政党。略称は民主、DPJ。 参議院において第1会派を形成しているが、衆議院では自由民主党に次ぐ第2会派。 代表 海江田万里 代表代行 大畠章宏 幹事長 細野豪志 参議院議員会長 輿石東 成立年月日 1998年(平成10年)4月27日 法規上は1996年9月17日から存続 政治的思想・立場 民主中道 中道左派(概要参照) 共生主義 ソース ENG: The Democratic Party of Japan (民主党 Minshutō) is a Centre-left political party in Japan founded in 1998 by the merger of several opposition parties. After the 2009 election the DPJ became the ruling party in the House of Representatives, ...
for33against   私ははっきりとそれをサポートします。 DPJ かなりの政党良いです。例えば、それは... ... (もし私が欲しかった、なぜそれが良いですが、私はここ)に書き込みを書く, positive
for33against   私は強く反対しています。 DPJ の非常に悪いことを選択。例えば、それは... ... (もし私が欲しかったなぜそれが悪いですが、私はここ)が書き込みを書く, negative
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DPJ to hold talks with New Komeito on policies

The Democratic Party of Japan and opposition party New Komeito will hold discussions on a supplementary budget for this fiscal year and other policy matters, a step toward a "partial coalition" in the divided Diet, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned. Komeito plans to enter policy talks with the intention of approving the supplementary budget to be compiled by the DPJ-led government, although it also likely will push to have some of its own policies included. The DPJ hopes forging a coalition with Komeito on a policy-by-policy basis will help smooth passage of bills through the Diet as ...


本网讯 近年来,甘肃平凉市认真贯彻落实中央文件精神,高度重视民主党派工作,大力支持民主党派自身建设。 加强对民主党派工作的领导。市委把多党合作和民主党派工作纳入重要议事日程,纳入党委班子考核内容,及时研究解决民主党派工作中的重要问题。 强化民主党派政治参与。坚持把政治协商纳入决策程序,对全市经济社会发展规划、重大事项、重要举措,都邀请民主党派成员参与协商讨论,征求意见和建议。 ...

Poll: DPJ surging past LDP in Tokyo

The Democratic Party of Japan is likely to become the most powerful party in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly in Sunday's election, overtaking the Liberal Democratic Party, a Kyodo News opinion poll indicated.Of 1,037 randomly chosen voters in Tokyo polled over the weekend by phone, 30.3 percent said they will vote for candidates backed by the DPJ.The figure was up 13.2 percentage points from a survey before the last Tokyo election in 2005 and far higher than the 18.2 percent who said they would vote for the LDP. The rate of respondents supporting LDP-backed candidates was down 8.5 points from ...

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