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Die Demokratiese Alliansie (DA) is 'n liberale Suid-Afrikaanse politieke party. | The Democratic Alliance is a South African political party.
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Die Demokratiese Alliansie (DA) is 'n liberale Suid-Afrikaanse politieke party, en ook die amptelike opposisie teenoor die regerende African National Congress (ANC). Die party is gevorm toe die Demokratiese Party 'n kortstondige alliansie met die Nuwe Nasionale Party betree het in 2000.


Leier: Helen Zille

Gestig: 24 Junie 2000

Ideologie: Liberaal







The Democratic Alliance (DA) is a South African political party, the governing party in the Western Cape province, and the official opposition to the ruling African National Congress (ANC). The party traces its roots to the anti-apartheid movement of the 1970s and 1980s, and the architects of Apartheid the National Party, The Democratic Alliance is made up of the Democratic Party, the New National Party and the Federal Party. The Democratic Party's was previously known as the Progressive Party, the Progressive Reform Party, and the Progressive Federal Party. During this time, the forerunners of the Democratic Party featured prominent anti-Apartheid activists such as Helen Suzman, Colin Eglin, Harry Schwarz and Frederik van Zyl Slabbert.


During the 1990s the party was known as the Democratic Party, and rose from relative obscurity into official opposition. It was renamed to the Democratic Alliance, during a short-lived alliance with the New National Party (NNP) in 2000. The Democratic Alliance became the main opposition on the back of the NNP support base of Cape Town. The New National Party, has as its forerunner the apartheid architects the National Party. The merger between the New National Party, and ultra conservative and highly contentious Louis Luyt's Federal Party and the Democratic Party, resulted in the formation of the Democratic Alliance. Many believed the the merger of the three mainly "white" political parties at the time had at its root, a "fight back" against black majority rule under the African National Congress(ANC).


Due to differences with the conservative leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Tony Leon – the NNP leaders subsequently left the DA to join the ANC, but the majority of NNP members remained and thus the new name of Democratic Alliance was kept. More recently, the party has merged with the smaller Independent Democrats and the tiny South African Democratic Convention, but retained its existing name.


The present leader of the Democratic Alliance is former Cape Town mayor and Premier of the Western Cape Helen Zille, who succeeded Tony Leon in May 2007. Zille, who won the title of World Mayor in 2008, opted against moving to the National Assembly, where the party is instead led by Lindiwe Mazibuko.


Mazibuko leads a parliamentary caucus of 77 members—67 in the National Assembly, 10 in the National Council of Provinces—who also make up the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet. The Democratic Alliance's federal chairperson is Dr. Wilmot James, the chairperson of the party's federal executive is James Selfe and Mmusi Maimane is the DA's national spokesperson. As of July 2010, Makashule Gana is the DA's Youth Leader, and Mbali Ntuli is the DA Youth Chairperson. Jonathan Moakes is the party's CEO.


The DA is broadly centrist, though it has been attributed both centre-left and centre-right policies. The party is a member of Liberal International and the Africa Liberal Network.


Leader: Helen Zille

Chairperson: Wilmot James

Spokesperson: Mmusi Maimane

Federal Council Chairperson: James Selfe

Parliamentary Leader: Lindiwe Mazibuko

Slogan: One Nation, One Future

Founded: 24 June 2000

Preceded by: Democratic Party

Student wing: Democratic Alliance Students Organisation

Youth wing: Democratic Alliance Yout.

Women's wing: Democratic Alliance Women's Network

Ideology: Liberalism, Social liberalism, Liberal democracy, Centrism



3 November 2008

updated: 2013-04-23

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