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אגודת החרדים - דגל התורה היא מפלגה חרדית-ליטאית בישראל. | Degel HaTorah (lit. Banner of the Torah) is an Ashkenazi Haredi political party in Israel.
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לחץ, אם אתה לא תומך במפלגה זו. | Click, if you do not support this political party. Say why.

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Moshe Gafni - How dare you! | Dov Lipman

t is almost impossible to believe that I am reading these words. But, here they are: (Moshe) Gafne (head of the ultra-Orthodox Degel Hatorah party)addressed the bar association’s annual gathering in an Eilat hotel, defending the chareidi tzibur against the recent accusation of gender discrimination and more. Gafne told participants that accusations against the chareidi tzibur were unjustifiable “For I do not know anyone who spits at 12-year-old girls as was the case in Beit Shemesh. Yair Lapid arranged it, and a week later he announced his entry into politics. Chareidim did ...

Members of Degel Hatorah mourn the death of Rabbi Menachem …

פטירתו אמש של הרב מנחם פרוש, הביאה לאבל כבד בכל שדרות הציבור החרדי ונציגיו. זמן קצר לאחר שנודע דבר פטירתו, פרסמו חברי הכנסת של דגל התורה - משה גפני ואורי מקלב, הודעות אבל מיוחדות. "הוא היה עסקן מסור עשרות בשנים, אהוד על ציבורים גדולים ועד יומו האחרון היה שותף בעשיה" ספד לו יו"ר ועדת הכספים ח"כ הרב משה גפני, זמן קצר לאחר שקיבל את הבשורה ...

Agudat Israel splits from Degel HaTorah

Ten days before deadline for submission of Knesset rosters, House Committee approves breakup of Hasidic, Lithuanian United Torah Judaism groups. Dispute leading to chasm revolves around rotation of 6th, 7th spot on party list. The Knesset's House committee approved Thursday morning the split between the Hasidic Agudat Israel group and the Lithuanian Degel HaTorah group that make up the United Torah Judaism party. The approval came 10 days before the deadline for submission of party lists for the 18th Knesset elections. Degel HaTorah leader MK Avraham Ravitz told Ynet, "We've already started to ...

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