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An Irish entrepreneur, businessman and political activist. The founder and chairman of the political party Libertas.
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Croaghback Mountain
On our Croagh Patrick climb this Summer. Lord David Alton, Senator Ronan Mullen & Yours Truly ;-> yfrog.com/kj82usisj — Declan Ganley (@declanganley) December 7, 2012 They wish they knew how to quit each other. Bonus rainbow (not Photoshopped). David Alton?

A ‘Donkey Obstructionist’, You Say?
Things city dwellers don’t contend with on a morning commute. This morning’s donkey obstructionist yfrog.com/oeicvvzxj — Declan Ganley (@declanganley) November 20, 2012

Irish democrats still say no to Lisbon | Declan Ganley
The contempt for the original vote against the treaty is typical of the EU's attitude toward dissent. We must stand firmBeing Irish, it's hard to imagine how it must appear to an outsider looking at our second referendum on the Lisbon treaty. At least somebody out there reading this must be jealous – we get to vote twice and you don't get to vote at all. Perhaps the most interesting thing about our re-vote is the way in which it was regarded as a certainty after the original referendum. The votes were literally not counted before some Irish media personalities, and EU leaders, were speculating on a timeline for round two. You see, "no" results are never about the treaty. No. They are about domestic issues, or people are misinformed, or enemies of Europe have lied to the poor unsuspecting people. By contrast, "yes" votes are ringing endorsements of Brussels, based on informed, thoughtful analysis.As such, we Irish behaved badly, and were therefore required as a matter of course to vot

Intolerant Silliness
Figure most reasonable people would recognise Richard III should have a Catholic burial. Anything less would be intolerant silliness. — Declan Ganley (@declanganley) February 4, 2013   Leave it, man. It’s ancient history.

Declan’s Victory
  They don’t get cultures of openness, transparency and sharing, and the interrelationship of these individual-collective values that frame many peoples understanding of democracy power and agency. And they sure as fuck don’t get the lulz. Libel laws have always … Continue reading →

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