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David Cameron

* Prime minister
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David Cameron - for

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom since 2010, and the leader of the Conservative Party since 2005.
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David Cameron - against

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David Cameron - Voting results:

Totalunique voting viewmultiple voting view
Popularity in total:18.4%18.7%
Popularity in [United Kingdom]:35.0%34.6%
Popularity out of [United Kingdom]:13.0%12.5%
Number of votes for:121143
Number of votes against:536623

- Registered
Popularity in total:25.0%9.6%
Popularity in [United Kingdom]:28.6%7.3%
Popularity out of [United Kingdom]:23.1%11.1%
Number of votes for:510
Number of votes against:1594

- non-Registered
Popularity in total:18.2%20.1%
Popularity in [United Kingdom]:35.3%41.0%
Popularity out of [United Kingdom]:12.7%12.7%
Number of votes for:116133
Number of votes against:521529

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