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Danny Davis

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The U.S. Representative for Illinois's 7th congressional district, serving since 1997.
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ENG: Daniel K. (Danny) Davis (born September 6, 1941) is the U.S. Representative for Illinois's 7th congressional district, serving since 1997. He is a member of the Democratic Party. Early life, education and career Davis was born in Parkdale, Arkansas, and educated at Arkansas AM&N College (B.A. 1961), Chicago State University (M.S. 1968) and the Union Institute & University in Cincinnati, Ohio (Ph.D. 1977). Davis worked as a government clerk, a high school teacher, executive director of the Greater Lawndale Conservation Commission, director of training at the Martin L. King Neighborhood Health Center, and executive director of the Westside Health Center before entering politics, where he represented Chicago's 29th Ward. He challenged Congresswoman Cardiss Collins in ...
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Program providing computers to seniors expands

Congressman Danny Davis is behind an effort to close the digital divide, and provide jobs for ex-offenders. Already, Davis has launched an effort to get computers to seniors. Now the program is expanding to include communities around a number of senior facilities in his district. Nine hundred computers will be distributed to people who complete a training class and can show they have broadband access. Ex-offenders will refurbish and maintain the computers. The operator of one senior facility said he's seen how residents can benefit from having access to such technology. "This is very, ...

Davis undecided on congressional district map

Democratic Congressman Danny Davis says he hasn't decided if he'll help defend the state's new congressional map being challenged in court by Republicans. He backed away from comments by fellow Rep. Jesse Jackson's office that Davis, Jackson and Rep. Bobby Rush decided not to contribute $10,000 each to fight the legal challenge, as Illinois' Democratic members of Congress were asked to do. Davis told The Associated Press on Friday he hadn't decided whether to kick in the money nor has he drawn any conclusions. ... Source: wbez.org

Congr. Davis Celebrates His Birthday With The Community

On Sunday September 11, from 4PM until about 9 PM community and community leaders came together to celebrate Congressman Danny Davis’s 70th Birthday. The celebration was not only to celebrate Congressman Davis’s birthday but it was also in remembrance of the horrifying events of 911 which took place 10 years ago on the date. The celebration took place across the street from 3333 Arthington. There was foods, conversation, laughter, singing, and a candle light visual for the victims of 911 at 7:00 PM. The candle light visual was also an action for world peace. Congressman Davis ...

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