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Republican U.S. Representative for central Florida's 10th congressional district, serving in Congress since January 3, 2013.
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ENG: Daniel A. "Dan" Webster (born April 27, 1949) is the Republican U.S. Representative for central Florida's 10th congressional district, serving in Congress since January 3, 2013. In November, 2012 Webster defeated Val Demings, the former Chief of Police of the Orlando Police Department, to secure reelection. Previously, Webster served 28 years in the Florida state legislature. First elected in 1980, he rose up the ranks to become Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, then majority leader of the Florida Senate and chairman of the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee. He retired in 2008 due to term limits. After receiving his engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, he worked in the family air conditioning and heating business that he now owns and operates. ...
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Webster Encourages Growth and Policies to Restore Confidence

U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-08) issued the following statement encouraging a new direction in response to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics October Unemployment Report: “For 32 months, unemployment has been above 8 percent, a level the Administration said would never be reached if the stimulus – that cost taxpayers over one trillion dollars – was passed. For too long, hardworking families have been forced to wait and see if tax-and-spend policies would turn this economy around; these policies clearly have come up short. Unemployment averages over 10.3% in Central ...

Webster’s Big Brother Tactic Backfires

You would think that his staff would be laser-focused on finding jobs for the one million unemployed Floridians looking for work. Or perhaps digging deep, looking for solutions to the nation’s debt woes. Instead, U.S. Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) used the resources of his office to investigate those who dared to speak out against him at his town hall meetings. We’ll call them the “Webster Six.” Somewhere, George Orwell is turning over in his grave. In what has to be the worst case of “oops” by a U.S. Congressman since Anthony Weiner posted pictures of his, ...

Rep. Webster sent out 'watch list' of local activists

U.S. Rep. Dan Webster said he simply wanted to share some friendly advice with other members of Congress about how to manage town-hall meetings and the sometimes-raucous crowds they attract, by passing along a "Town Hall Primer" put out by an activist group that had disrupted one of his meetings in April.Instead, the material distributed by the Winter Garden Republican's office this spring has created a stir of its own because it included a watch list of six Central Floridians — with names and multiple photographs — who spoke at Webster town halls earlier this year. It listed their ...

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Webster Nears $2.5 Million Returned to Taxpayers
Webster Nears $2.5 Million Returned to Taxpayers Brooksville, FL – A strong advocate for cutting wasteful government spending, Representative Daniel Webster (FL-11) has once again returned significant savings from his office budget. For the sixth year in a row, Rep. Webster has saved taxpayer dollars allotted to run his Congressional office, bringing the cumulative total saved to $2,496,265.15. Following the presentation of an oversized check in this morning, Webster issued the following statement:  “Over the past six years, I have returned more than 30% of the money appropriated to run my office. Washington operates on the principle that if money is appropriated, it should be spent. During my service in Congress, I have exposed this flawed principle. If every area of the federal government began intentionally cutting waste, we could get a lot closer to balancing our budget and trimming the massive burden of debt that will be inherited by our children and grandchild
Statement from Rep. Webster on President Trump’s Joint Address
“As promised, President Trump’s address tonight was upbeat and presidential. In keeping with comments made during the campaign, he outlined his vision for reviving our economy – including investing in infrastructure and removing regulations that are crushing small businesses and stifling job creation. In just five weeks, working together Congress and President Trump have already cut $2.8 billion by rolling back over-burdensome regulations. The President’s commitment to improving infrastructure offers unique opportunity to build 21st century infrastructure for our district and America. “The President is right, Obamacare is imploding. We must repeal and replace it with a 21st century healthcare system that provides Americans with the care they need, from the doctor they choose, at a price they can afford. “I was thrilled to see Floridian, Denisha Merriweather, as one of his special guests.  Her story is a great example of the power of school choice.  It has trans
Affordable Care Act has been everything but affordable
Over the past weeks and months, I have met with numerous hospital representatives, healthcare providers and constituents in our communities. Congress’ goal is to ensure there will be a stable transition to a better health care system. The Affordable Care Act has been everything but affordable and is collapsing across the country, raising costs for patients and forcing insurers out of the marketplace, which leaves patients and families with nowhere to go. Currently, 4.7 million people are without an insurer, one of three counties only have one option and it is going to get worse.  On February 14th, Health Insurance provider Humana announced they would be pulling out of Obamacare markets completely, citing a failing system and massive financial losses.  Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini said on February 15th that the Obamacare Marketplaces are in a “death spiral” and doomed to fail. “It’s not going to get any better; it’s getting worse.” We must repeal Obamacare an
Statement from Rep. Webster on American Health Care Act
Washington, DC --  Representative Daniel Webster (R-Clermont) released the following statement today regarding the American Health Care Act "For six years, I have advocated for repealing the [un]Affordable Care Act(ACA) and replacing it with real healthcare reform. Obamacare is collapsing across the country - currently 4.7 million people are without an insurer.  This failed policy is raising costs for patients and forcing insurers out of the marketplace, which leaves patients and families with nowhere to go.    "As I have said, I have concerns with the bill that was to come up for a vote today.  In particular, it does not provide the dollars needed for the Medicaid-funded nursing home beds that many of our seniors rely on.  I have expressed these concerns to House leadership and the administration. It is my hope that House and Senate leadership and the administration will work together and bring to the floor the conservative, common-sense healthc

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