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Daniel Ortega Saavedra

* President
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Un político nicaragüense, presidente de ese país desde 2007 y líder del FSLN. | A Nicaraguan politician, the current President of Nicaragua.
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ESP: José Daniel Ortega Saavedra (La Libertad, 11 de noviembre de 1945 - ) es un político nicaragüense, presidente de ese país desde 2007 y líder del Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN). Durante su vida ha sido uno de los líderes más importantes del Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN), formó parte del directorio que se hizo cargo del poder al triunfo de la Revolución Sandinista que derrotó la dictadura que la familia Somoza venía manteniendo en el país, con apoyo de Estados Unidos, desde 1934. Fue el jefe de estado anteriormente, en el período de 1985 hasta 1990 cuando el FSLN perdió las elecciones ante la Unión Nacional Opositora (UNO), una ...
for30against   En mi opinión, Daniel Ortega es bastante bueno político. Por ejemplo, porque ... (si quería escribir eso, lo he escrito aquí), positive
for1against   pues yo creo que Daniel Ortega esta en todas las facultades para gobernar a Nicaragua de la mejor manera, por eso fue que resulto electo el pasado 6 de noviembre., jnoepeligro
for32against   No estoy de acuerdo. Daniel Ortega es mala elección. Por ejemplo, porque ... (si quería escribir eso, lo he escrito aquí), negative
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Yukking it up with Daniel Ortega, &c.

In yesterday’s Impromptus, I talked about President Barack Obama’s foreign policy, and in particular its gestures: the New Year’s message to Iran’s “people and leaders”; the hearty handshakes and grins with Hugo Chávez; and so on. All of these gestures have consequences, and I’m afraid that none of them will be good. At that Americas summit, Daniel Ortega delivered a diatribe against the United States. He took care to slam us for the Bay of Pigs, but said that Obama could not be held responsible for that. Our president’s response? ...

Daniel Ortega: In Cuba Democracy does not divide the People

There’s democracy in Cuba and it doesn’t divide the people, affirmed Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, during his appearance on the Special Round Table aired on Wednesday by Cuban radio and TV. He indicated that is necessary to know Cuban democracy and compared it to that imposed on other peoples, which creates division and even wars; these are the Empire’s guidelines. However, the Caribbean archipelago has a model that doesn’t divide its citizens. The multiparty system, said the Nicaraguan head of state, is nothing but a way of disintegrating and dividing nations ...

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Al Jazeera AmericaDaniel Ortega is a Sandinista in name onlyAl Jazeera AmericaPresident Daniel Ortega proclaimed that “our revolution is profoundly anti-imperialist, anti-Yankee and Marxist-Leninist.” Ortega lost power in 1990 but returned to the presidency in 2006, where he remains today. This time, things are quite different.Journalists in Nicaragua face silence, secrecy from Ortega governmentKnight Center for Journalism in the Americas (blog)all 2 news articles »
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Huffington PostThe United States and Latin America, 2025Huffington PostNevertheless, with well-financed campaigns, Daniel Ortega will be re-elected president for his fourth and fifth terms. Brazil's stagnant economy and corruption scandals will sink the Workers Party's presidential hopes for 2018, but as the economy ...and more »

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