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Dana Rohrabacher

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U.S. Representative for California, serving since 1989 - member of the Republican Party.
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ENG:Dana Tyrone Rohrabacher (born June 21, 1947) is the U.S. Representative for California's 48th congressional district, and previously the 46th, 45th and 42nd, serving since 1989. He is a member of the Republican Party. Rohrabacher's district covers the areas of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Seal Beach, Avalon, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes Estates and Rolling Hills Estates as well as portions of Long Beach, Westminster, Santa Ana and San Pedro. Early life, education, and early political career Rohrabacher, who is of German descent, was born June 21, 1947, in Coronado, California, the son of Doris M. (née Haring) and Donald Tyler Rohrabacher. Rohrabacher has a long history in Orange County. Rohrabacher attended elementary school locally, and ...
for34against   In my opinion Dana Rohrabacher is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
for1against   Led the fight to prevent federal funds for police raids on medical marijuana. Roll Call vote, sogfeld
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Rohrabacher Right to Question Technology Giveaway to China

My Encyclopaedia Britannica, the 1970 edition, says “The People’s Republic of China . . . was founded on the principles of Marx, Lenin and Stalin, and of Mao Tse-tung’s ‘New Democracy.’” On page 595, we read: “Communist party leader Mao Tse-tung.”Marx died in 1883. But the third volume of his three-volume “Das Kapital” appeared in 1894, 11 years after his death.Who paid Marx to keep him alive while he wrote those three volumes? A capitalist, the father of Friedrich Engels, a worshiper of Marx. Actually, it was a stupid 3-volume ...

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher's comments infuriate Iraqis

The suggestion by a California congressman that Iraq repay the United States for the money it has spent in the country has stirred outrage, with an Iraqi lawmaker ridiculing the idea as "stupid" and others saying Iraqis should be compensated for the hardships they've endured. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from Huntington Beach (Orange County), suggested during a trip to Baghdad with fellow lawmakers Friday that once Iraq becomes a rich and prosperous country, it could repay the United States. ... By Qassim Abdul-Zahra Source: sfgate.com

Paul & Rohrabacher Propose Legislation about Marijuana

Two medical marijuana bills introduced in the House of Representatives late last week could go a long way toward legitimizing medical marijuana shops: The industry bills were introduced with bipartisan lead sponsors. Rep. Pete Stark (D-CA) and Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) are the lead sponsors of the “Small Business Tax Equity Act of 2011,” which would amend Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code so that medical marijuana providers can take standard business deductions like any other business. The “Small Business Banking Improvement Act of 2011,” ...

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Rohrabacher Condemns Turkey’s Erdogan on Basic Human Rights
WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Tuesday spoke out against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s widespread purges and targeted repression of his countrymen. Since July Erdogan has excused his actions as necessary following what he calls a failed coup attempt, which he blames on ethnic Kurds and the Gulenist movement, an Islamic sect preaching peace, benevolence, and education. The Gulenists are named for Erdogan’s longtime critic Fetullah Gulen, who lives in Pennsylvania. Gulen and his followers, once allied with Erdogan, were alienated when Turkish media were muzzled after reporting charges of government corruption. Erdogan blames Gulenists for a power grab by a faction of officers within the Turkish military. He has demanded the extradition of Gulen back to Turkey for prosecution. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch recently have issued reports of torture and other abuses at Turkey’s detention centers and prisons. According to these sources, 36,000 priso
Iraq asks U.S. congressman to leave after he says they should ‘repay’ for war
BAGHDAD (AFP) – Iraqi authorities have asked for a US congressman to leave the country after he called for Baghdad to repay part of the money spent by Washington since the 2003 invasion, a spokesman said on Saturday. Republican representative Dana Rohrabacher’s remarks at a news conference in ...
California Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher tweets: Bush no ‘class act,’ ‘destroyed GOP’
A five-term Republican congressman from California tweeted to his followers that former President George W. Bush was no “class act” and he “destroyed [the] GOP” after a comment from a fellow conservative Wednesday. “Bush not class act, destroyed GOP, jailed Ramos &...
Rohrabacher Statement on the Death of American Hero John Glenn
WASHINGTON – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher on Thursday issued the following statement on the death of former Senator John Glenn: I am by turns today both saddened by the death of Astronaut John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth, and inspired by the memory of his heroism and his spirit of adventure. That spirit is quintessentially American, challenging and emboldening us to reach for the heavens while enlarging the body of our scientific knowledge. The last surviving Mercury 7 astronaut, Senator Glenn served as one of the most visible warriors on the front line in the Cold War against the Soviet Union. But he was an American hero even before his NASA years. He was a daring Marine pilot of a generation that included my own father, Lt. Col. Donald Tyler Rohrabacher, who indeed served on missions with the great John Glenn. Those were times in which such men nurtured within themselves that special formula that has been dubbed “the right stuff.” I myself was privileged to serve i

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