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The U.S. Representative for Michigan's 1st congressional district, serving since 2011.
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ENG: Daniel Joseph Benishek (born April 20, 1952) is an American physician and politician currently serving as the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 1st congressional district. He is a member of the Republican Party. Early life, education, and medical career Benishek was born in Iron River, Michigan in 1952, to a daughter of Polish immigrants. His father was killed in local iron mines in 1957, so Dan was raised by his widowed mother and extended family. He worked in the family business, the Iron River Hotel, until he went to college. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1974 with a degree in biology. From there, he graduated from Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1978. Prior to his election to Congress, he was a general surgeon in the Dickinson County ...
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Benishek's Goals Include Healthcare, Social Security

The race to fill Congressman Bart Stupak's seat representing the entire Upper Peninsula and most of the Northern Lower Peninsula is considered too close to call. It's drawing national attention. To The PointRepublican nominee, Dr. Dan Benishek, is a big man, six-foot-three. You can't miss him on the campaign trail. However imposing his physical stature, though, he keeps it short and polite when addressing an audience. At a G.O.P. rally in Escanaba earlier this month, gubernatorial hopeful Rick Snyder fired up the crowd for almost ten minutes: "We are going to create more and better jobs," ...

Benishek: Oil companies pay their fair share

Politico reports that at a public forum back in Michigan, freshman Rep. Dan Benishek (R-Mich.) said, "(Democrats) talk about raising the taxes on the oil companies. I think oil companies pay their fair share." In the 2010 cycle, Benishek received $36,650 from oil and gas interests, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. So far this year, he has received $9,000 in donations from the industry. Benishek was one of the House members included in our report with the League of Conservation Voters on oil PAC giving in the first half of the year. According to the report, "a whopping 94% of ...

Rep. Dan Benishek (R-MI-1) Tours Afghanistan

Congressman Dan Benishek (MI-01) today released the following statement: “This past weekend I had the privilege to meet with members of America’s fighting forces in Afghanistan. I believe I speak for all Americans when I state how proud I am of the men and women who have chosen to defend this country’s interests abroad. I went on this brief tour for the purpose of learning more about the medical techniques being used to treat those who have been maimed on the battlefield. I remain deeply concerned about the endless nature of this decade long conflict in Afghanistan. I am ...

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Benishek Votes to Fund Coast Guard
Washington, D.C- The House of Representatives voted yesterday in support of H.R. 1987, the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2015.  This bill authorizes $8.7 billion in funding for the Coast Guard in the Fiscal Year 2016.  Due to the work of Congressman Benishek, a number of key provisions in this legislation will help Northern Michigan.  "With more miles of Great Lakes shoreline than any district in the country, Northern Michigan families and businesses depend on the brave men and women of Coast Guard to keep our lakes safe and open to commerce.  This bill delivers on the priorities for our community, and I look forward to its passage in the Senate," said Dr. Benishek.  Specifically, money has been provided to design a new Coast Guard icebreaker for the Great Lakes.  Further, a provision will require that future marine sanctuaries follow the process used by the Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary that incorporates public input and balances the industrial needs of the area with environ
Dr. Benishek Reacts to Federal Power Grab
WASHINGTON, D.C.- Following the announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency to  broadly expand their regulatory authority through the controversial Waters of the United States Rule, Dr. Dan Benishek has released the following statement: "Under the guise of protecting our waterways, today's announcement by the EPA is nothing more than a power grab that will add more bureaucracy without any real benefit.   Among the most impacted will be farmers, and agriculture is a major part of our economy in Northern Michigan.  From talking to farmers  around our district, they feel like the EPA has railroaded them with this new rule without justification and without understanding the impact it will have on jobs.  This is exactly the type of bureaucratic red tape that we do not need.  I will continue to fight against this rule so that farms and businesses in our community do not suffer needless regulatory burden." On May 12th, Dr. Benishek voted in favor of the Regulatory Integrity Prot
Benishek, Sinema Reintroduce Demanding Accountability for Veterans Act
Washington, D.C-  Dr. Dan Benishek, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Veterans Health, along with Rep. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona announced today the introduction of the bipartisan Demanding Accountability for Veterans Act of 2015, a bill designed to hold VA employees responsible for solving problems.  This bill is a modified version of similar legislation that was introduced by Dr. Benishek in the last Congress. "Bringing accountability and oversight to the VA remains an ongoing priority.  We must hold these bureaucrats accountable when they fail to live up to their mission to provide quality care to every veteran in need," said Dr. Benishek, who worked as a surgeon at the Iron Mountain, MI VA for over 20 years. "It's unacceptable that issues raised by the VA Inspector General over and over, from wait times to medical staffing, remain unresolved by VA," said Congresswoman Sinema.  "This legislation would hold the VA Secretary and senior management accountable for ensuring these warni
Dr. Benishek Reacts to COOL Ruling from WTO
Washington, D.C- This morning, the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled once more against the United States with regard to Country of Origin Labeling requirements.  Canada and Mexico, America's two leading trade partners, have repeatedly charged that the requirements violate longstanding trade agreements.  With this ruling, these countries may now proceed with retaliatory tariffs.  In a recent op-ed at the Detroit News, Dr. Benishek explained how these tariffs will hurt jobs and businesses in Michigan.  Michigan exports over $3.2 billion worth of agricultural products alone that would be subject to punishing tariffs if changes are not made.  "This ruling is a confirmation of what I have always held: COOL requirements will result in higher costs for American consumers without providing any real benefit.  Our nearest and largest trading partner is just across the border in Canada, and this ruling will impact everything from cherry farmers in Traverse City to car parts in Detroit.

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