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Crown Prince Naruhito

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日本の皇太子。 | Kōtaishi Naruhito Shinnō is the Crown Prince of Japan since 1991.
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JPN: 皇太子徳仁親王(こうたいし なるひとしんのう、1960年(昭和35年)2月23日 - )は、日本の皇族。今上天皇の第一皇子。母は皇后美智子。御称号は浩宮(ひろのみや)。身位は皇太子、親王。皇室典範に定める敬称は殿下。お印は梓(あずさ)。勲等は大勲位。学位は人文科学修士(学習院大学・1988年)。その他、名誉学位・称号として名誉法学博士(ケンブリッジ大学)などがある。皇位継承順位第1位。 住居は東京都港区元赤坂二丁目の赤坂御用地内にある東宮御所。 1989年(昭和64年)に父・明仁親王の皇位継承に伴い皇太子となり、1991年(平成3年) ...
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Crown prince cancels visit to France for World Water Forum

Crown Prince Naruhito has canceled a plan to visit France in mid-March for the World Water Forum to be held in Marseille, the Imperial Household Agency said Monday. The crown prince will concentrate on covering Emperor Akihito's affairs of state, as the 78-year-old emperor will rest until the end of this month after being discharged Sunday from the University of Tokyo Hospital, where he underwent heart bypass surgery and rehabilitation. Read more: House of Japan (05 March 2012)

Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito Turns 50

Crown Prince Naruhito, Japan's heir to the Imperial throne, turned 50 today. "On the one hand, I am astonished that I am already 50, on the other, I have so much more to devote to my self-improvement that it feels like it's only just the beginning." The Imperial family's lineage can be traced back to an Emperor believed to have ruled from 660 BC. "The Confucian saying 'to understand your Mandate of Heaven' means to understand your destiny ... In other words, I believe it means knowing how to devote yourself to other people." The Imperial family was an autocratic and even deified ...

Crown Prince Naruhito Arrives For Four-Day Visit

Ghana's Vice-President, John Mahama, having a chat with Prince Akihito Naruhito The Crown Prince of Japan, Prince Naruhito, arrived in Accra Sunday for a four-day official visit to Ghana. The special Japanese airline carrying the Prince and his 30-member delegation touched down at the Kotoka International Airport (Jubilee Lounge) at 4:30 p.m. Prince Naruhito was met on arrival by the Vice-President, Mr John Dramani Mahama; the Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Keiichi Katakami; the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Chris Kpodoh; Health Minister, Dr Benjamin ...

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