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Creationism versus Evolution

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Religious belief
Scientific belief
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The religious belief that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe were created in their original form by a deity.


A changes in the inherited traits of a population of organisms from one generation to the next. First published by a scientist Charles Darwin.

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Quick opinions

for35against   I'M A CREATIONIST AND I'M RIGHT YOU'RE WONG!LOL!!!!!11oneoneone. Seriously guys, it's 2009, even the Pope realises it's a crock, temple3000
for22against   rofl @ pharyngula being a hate site. It's only hate if you're ignorant, and if you're ignorant, you should kill yourself anyways. Freaking wastes of resources..., the_phoenix612
for9against   CREATIONISM IS NOT SCIENCE. It isn't even remotely credible. There is no reason for these two being compared. Why should I compare Little Red Riding hood with astrophysics?, gideon
for7against   Is phayngula still fornicating here?, robufo2000
for7against   As for creationism... which one? As in which version? There are lots of different versions of the stories... why that one??? Why is THAT book's ultimate truth more trustworthy?, catten
for7against   @the_phoenix612: Ignorance is simply a lack of understanding. Willful ignorance is annoying, yes, but I don't wish death on people just for being thick., EFG9001
for3against   Humanity was designed by aliens. This is obvious when you look at the Moon. In base ten mathematics, it is a message. This is why we have ten fingers., Valentin
for2against   wow. i cant believe ppl would even doubt Jesus. how stupid are yall???? lol ok.. ill be nice. look. if we evoloved there would be no more monkeys. think about that. really???!!, txmostwanned
for2against   Pharyngula is still fornicating polls and they have banned me. Beware! The hate continues..., robufo2000
for2against   OOOH! Pharyngula is still fornicating the poll? Does anyone know? Sure there can't be this many ape relatives in the world., robufo2000
for2against   Why is this a question. Everyone with common sense know evolution is a myth and that God created the universe and all life therein., robufo2000
for2against   0.7 eh? We still need to eradicate the 9999 fornygulites' voting record to make it a good poll., robufo2000
for2against   What happended to pharyngula? I though they would do better than 12,000. Mut be losing their touch., robufo2000
for1against   We finally got this poll un-fornicated from Pharyngula.Now, creation is real monkey snot evilution is not!, robufo2000
for0against   Where is pharyngula now? Wy does this site even mention this poll. Everyone knows evolution is racist., robufo2000
for0against   The far left hate site pharynula has fornicated this poll rendering it useless. Creation is real, evolution is satan worship., robufo2000
for0against   Creation is true and Pharyngula is just wrong. Only Pharyngulites evolved - from nuts. Probably ACORNs. Ha!, robufo2000
for0against   Creation is only logical. Evolution is somewhat an illogical conclusion to a sin filled world., robufo2000
for0against   JosephU is correct. God even created Darwin himself whether he believed it or not., robufo2000
for0against   Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. See: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis1-11;&version=31, JosephU

for50against   There is no such thing as "macro" vs. "micro" evolution. Evolution is like a tree with many branches coming off from the devolopemnet of life itself., ruthsimplicity
for28against   WHy is this even a question -- there is no evidence for creationism OR intellegent design. You might as well have asked Fairies or Evolution., nikki630
for14against   Until and unless creationists can offer credible evidence for the existence of a god--any god--their "theory" lacks any basis in reality., Kitsapian
for11against   Evolution is a fact not a scientific belief. The theory of evolution explains this fact with evidence from all of science. Creationism is a religious belief as it has no evidence, halucigenia
for5against   Creationism doesn't qualify as a science, I am much more inclined to back the theory of evolution over an imaginary deity and/dor santa, tooth fairy or the spaghetti monster., davemeech
for5against   Far left? I don't think so. Science is the main stream. We tired of the religious right pushing this creation ignorance. That's why you see everyone beginning to speak out., D.Anaya
for3against   Evolution is fact. Facts aren't decided by polls or the opinions of those that don't know the facts., razd
for3against   Allele frequency changes in populations over time, populations change over time, fact. ToE explains that fact. Your dislike that you are an ape does not change that fact robufo., halucigenia
for3against   evolutionary thinking is the foundation for all biology and there is no evidence for creationism/ID. I know! Let's include unicorns, heffalumps and Big Foot in biology classes., ddntps
for3against   @robufo2000: Nowhere in the fossil record is there any evidence of a global flood. See here: http://www.talkorigins.org/indexcc/list.html#CH400-CH599, EFG9001
for2against   There is no discussion about evolution in the scientific community. And not because they're biased, but because the overwhelming evidence confirms the theory., gideon
for2against   stop being mad that not everyone in the world has your opinion "robufo2000" (if that IS your real name)problem, abdulalhazred
for2against   The evidence of evolution has been observed in the fossil record. Follow my link to talk.origins to see examples of transitional fossils and other evidence for evolution., EFG9001
for2against   Science hasn't changed at all. American Christian fundamentalist nuts need to be marginalized or stamped out. Fortunately that seems to be the way it's going., D.Anaya
for2against   @robufo2000: There is proof of evolution. Look at the fossil record or, better yet, read one of the many papers on the subject., EFG9001
for1against   robufo2000 asked, “Do not all atheists believe in evolution?” Some atheists do not believe in evolution. One does not have to believe in the scientific method to be an Atheist., D.E.Kesler
for1against   1% Church Neandertaler, SEPP
for1against   God created the entire universe by speaking it into existance., robufo2000
for1against   In the beginning, God ... Enough said?, robufo2000
for1against   Where are the other 3 million votes for evolution. Do not all atheists believe in evolution?, robufo2000

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