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The Northern Territory Country Liberal Party (CLP) is a Northern Territory political party in Australia.

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Dear Delia … “the best thing is for you to resign”
You can stubbornly decide to have a battle and create a month long instability and certainly division in the party – and of course you will be a “sitting duck” as a leader of a caucus that resents you being the leader and will look for the next opportunity to challenge you.

Failed statehood. Is it time for an(other) NT intervention?
As Rothwell notes, the good tax-payers of the Australian south-east fork out around $4 billion a year to keep the NT running. Divide that number by the 220,000 people in the NT and the figure is around $18,000 per head. "Thanks and it is your shout!!"

Everybody go “wwaaahhhh.” Adam Giles on going nuts, cracking the shits and getting hammered
"I enjoyed having a night off and getting hammered ... the level of incompetence of these people is just madness. It was absolute madness, mindless stupidity and political immaturity." Adam Giles reflects on politics, a failed coup and a big night in.

CLP spill pours petrol, not oil, on NT’s troubled political waters
One rusted-on CLP member told Crikey this morning, “The brains are all on the backbench, the fuckwits are running the party”.

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