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The Northern Territory Country Liberal Party (CLP) is a Northern Territory political party in Australia.

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Adam Giles appoints “Deputy Dawg.” “Tired” Tollner to “have a rest” but tipped to return
Giles: Dave [Tollner] chose to abstain from the meeting. He's gonna to take some time off. Journalist: When you say he is going to "take some time off" has he quit? Giles: No, no. Dave's gonna take some time off. I think we all know that the life and the role as a public figure and in a political environment, particularly holding some of the portfolios that Dave did. You do get tired after a while and quite clearly Dave wants a rest and he's gonna have a rest.

NT Parliament calls for Foundation 51 inquiry. CLP spits dummy.
Gerry Wood: "People in the NT would like to know what the truth is, they want to see a system of elections that is not tainted, they want to see a government bringing out policies that are not favoured or tainted by whether someone is a donor to the party."

More strife in the Top End as Maley SM resigns
Justinian on Peter Maley: "Why is a judicial officer ringing up a member of parliament, and were he in a position to sue would it be a nice look to bring a defamation action in the courts in his home jurisdiction?"

All change (again) in the NT?
Chief Minister Adam Giles looks increasingly rattled by the chaos that surrounds him and it may well be that tonight his long-suffering party will call it quits on his leadership.

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