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Conspiracy theory

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ENG - "Conspiracy theory" was originally a neutral descriptor for any claim of civil, criminal, or political conspiracy. However, it has become largely pejorative and used almost exclusively to refer to any fringe theory which explains a historical or current event as the result of a secret plot by conspirators of almost superhuman power and cunning. Conspiracy theories are viewed with skepticism by many because they are rarely supported by any conclusive evidence and contrast with institutional analysis. The former speculates on the motives and actions of secretive coalitions of individuals while the latter studies people's collective behavior in publicly known institutions, as recorded in scholarly material and mainstream media reports, to explain historical or current events.Scholars ...
for33against   No reason to hesitate. I advocate political conspiracy theories. For instance, because it... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
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No joy from Joyce on conspiracy theory ‎

Qantas's chief executive, Alan Joyce, has compared the theories about Barack Obama being born outside the United States to those surrounding his airline's alleged interest in starting a premium airline in Singapore. Asked at news conference yesterday whether Qantas's loyalty partnership with the Singapore Inc part-owned Optus could be a sign of a more cosy relationship with the island state, Joyce responded: ''Absolutely not. That's the best conspiracy I've heard for a while.'' Optus's consumer division boss, Mike Smith chipped in: ''We are not intending to start an airline either, I ...

Asbestos conspiracy theory laid out at appellate court ‎

SPRINGFIELD - Companies that conspired to hide the hazards of asbestos occupy the same legal position as those that supplied asbestos to workers, according to attorney James Wylder of Bloomington. He captured the essence of his conspiracy theory for Fourth District appellate judges on April 26, in a brief seeking to preserve McLean County jury verdicts against Honeywell and Pneumo Abex. Wylder and associate Lisa Corwin hold Honeywell liable for conspiracy as successor to brake maker Bendix, and hold Pneumo Abex liable as successor to American Brake and Block. Some of their clients worked at ...

Area 51 as Cold-War Espionage: Believable or Conspiracy Theory?

Journalist Annie Jacobsen has shocked even the most devoted conspiracy theorists with claims regarding a U.S. military installation in the Nevada desert, known as Area 51.The base, which is 75 miles north of Las Vegas, has been discussed for decades because of the government's secrecy regarding what exactly goes on there. What really crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, was not an alien ship, nor was it a weather balloon as previously speculated by many, according to Jacobsen. In fact, she says, it was a Soviet spy plane. And it was controlled by disfigured adolescents, two of whom ...

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Salt of the Earth
As presented to you passengers on my last report, it's a new year for your driver, with a new taxi. (Sorta.) The post Salt of the Earth appeared first on disinformation.
The narrative has changed course – Proceed With Caution
This is bigger than anyone can imagine. We are in dark times and the transition of Trump being President has America ripping at the seams. Good vs Evil – Angels vs Demons! In multiple ways, as many of you know already without me even making a post about it. I have been laying low and […] The post The narrative has changed course – Proceed With Caution appeared first on USAHM Conspiracy News.
Revolution, Not Absolution
There is no pass on this oppression for your skin color, your gender, your religion, anything. If you are American, you are an oppressor. Your tax dollars are at work right now killing some Syrian’s children. The military you pay for is currently terrorizing people in third-world countries to keep them from unionizing, or electing a better government. The post Revolution, Not Absolution appeared first on disinformation.
Firearms stolen from elite US Army base in Germany
US officials have revealed that a collection of weapons was stolen from the Panzer Kaserne base near Stuttgart earlier this month and couldn’t be located, leading to concerns that the arms may have ended up on the black market – or in the wrong hands. “Several semi-automatic pistols, one small-caliber automatic rifle and a shotgun […] The post Firearms stolen from elite US Army base in Germany appeared first on USAHM Conspiracy News.

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