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کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان | The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) is a communist party in Pakistan.

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Click, if you do not support Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP). Say why. / پر کلک کریں، اگر آپ پاکستان کی کمیونسٹ پارٹی کی حمایت نہیں کرتے. ایسا کیوں ہے.

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ENG: The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) (Urdu: کمیونسٹ پارٹی آف پاکستان‎) is a communist party in Pakistan. The CPP was founded in Calcutta, Union of India on March 6, 1948. A decision was taken at the Second All India Conference of the Communist Party of India, which was held in Calcutta at that time, that a separate communist party ought to be created in the new state of Pakistan. It was thought that Pakistan, being a relatively small country (in comparison to India) and suffering from instability, was ripe for revolution. The delegates from Pakistan separated themselves and held a separate session were they constituted the CPP. Sajjad Zaheer (founder of the All India Progressive Writers Association), from West Pakistan, was elected General Secretary. ...
for34against   I clearly support it. Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) is quite good party. For instance, because it... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
for33against   I am strongly opposed. Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) is quite bad choice. For instance, because it... (if I wanted to write why it is bad, I wrote it here), negative
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Pakistan: ISI chief to be thrown out ?

Islamabad - The Communist Party of Pakistan has filed a petition in Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Monday seeking the immediate removal of ISI chief Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha in the wake of media reports of his alleged meeting with Arab leaders in an effort to remove Asif Ali Zardari from his presidential post. Communist Party of Pakistan chairman Jameel Ahmed contended that Pasha was not eligible to hold the high post. “Till date these allegations have not been denied by both the ISI Director General and the Inter-Services Public Relations,” Ahmed said. He requested the ...

CPP challenges Soomro’s signing two-office bill

ISLAMABAD - The Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) on Wednesday filed a constitutional petition in the Supreme Court challenging the signing of the two-office bill by Muhammadmian Soomro, the chairman of the senate and acting president. Soomro, while holding the office of president, assented the ‘President to Hold Another Office Bill 2004’ on November 30 in the absence of General Musharraf who is on a foreign tour. The bill allows General Pervez Musharraf to retain his army post along with the office of president of the state beyond December 31, 2004. The petition has been ...

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