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भारतीय कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी | The Communist Party of India (CPI) is a far-left political party in India.

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HIN: भारतीय कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी भारत का एक साम्यवादी दल है । इस दल की स्थापना 26 दिसम्बर 1925 में हुई थी । भारतीय कम्युनिष्ट पार्टी की स्थापना एम एन राय ने की। इस दल का महासचिव ए.बी. बोर्धन है । यह दल 'न्यू एज' (New Age) का प्रकाशन करता है । इस दल का युवा संगठन 'आल इंडिया यूथ फेडरेशन' है । २००४ के संसदीय चुनाव में इस दल को ५ ...
for33against   मैं स्पष्ट रूप से समर्थन करते हैं. भारतीय कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी बहुत अच्छी राजनैतिक पार्टी है. उदाहरण के लिए, यह है क्योंकि ... (यदि मैं चाहता था इसलिए यह अच्छा है लिखने के लिए, मैं इसे यहाँ लिखा है), positive
for34against   मैं पुरजोर विरोध कर रहा हूँ. भारतीय कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी काफी खराब है पसंद है. उदाहरण के लिए, यह है क्योंकि ... (यदि मैं चाहता था इसलिए लिखने के लिए बुरा है, मैं इसे यहाँ लिखा है), negative
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Centre must take calculated risks in Kashmir: CPI

‘Situation is much graver than it appears to be' Describing the situation in Kashmir as “much graver” than it appeared to be, the Communist Party of India (CPI) on Wednesday said the Centre needed to take “calculated risks” to defuse it. Sharing experiences of his visit to Jammu and Kashmir as part of the all-party delegation, party MP Gurudas Dasgupta said the anger of the people of the Valley was not “unsubstantiated.” He demanded the withdrawal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) selectively, the release of all political ...

CPI activists in Chhattisgarh being targeted, says D. Raja

NEW DELHI: Communist Party of India national secretary D. Raja will tour Dantewada and Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh where the police are targeting his party cadres in the name of combating Maoists. Besides interacting with key CPI functionaries in the area, Mr. Raja has requested to meet Chief Minister Raman Singh about why the police was arresting activists of a “national and legitimate” party, and alleging that they were Maoists. “It is a deliberate attempt to target the CPI and terrorise the tribals of the region, particularly by a senior police official of the ...

Left Front should not run like one-party rule: CPI

The Communist Party of India (CPI) Sunday said West Bengal's ruling Left Front should not 'run like a one-party rule'. CPI general secretary A.B. Bardhan, without naming anyone while taking a dig at the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M), here said that every party should get its due respect. 'Currently we are having a Left Front government in the state. We are also part of this. We have to prepare for the coming assembly elections from now. The big party has to come forward and take the initiative. The Left Front should run like a front and not like a one-party rule. While ...

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GST Rollback Aimed at Wooing Gujarat Voters: CPI
The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following statement on the GST Council decision to slash rates across the board:The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India while taking note of the GST Council decision on November 10, 2017 to slash rates across the board feels the timing of the trimming down clearly indicates that the exercise is being done eyeing the ensuing Gujarat assembly elections. Nothing else could have forced the RSS-BJP led Narendra Modi government and the adamant finance minister to resort to such a rollback.The so called feel-good package, which comes into effect from November 15, is unlikely to boost consumer demand, which also has been badly hit by demonetisation. If the prime minister thinks that he can go on hoodwinking people saying the changes are ‘people-inspired, people-friendly and people-centric,’ the party wants to just state here that it is too late and the damage has already been done.  Also the benefit wil
CPI Expresses Deep Condolences
Communist Party of India general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy issued the following statement expressing deep condolences to the bereaved families of all those who died in the boat capsize tragedy in Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh:We note with great shock and indignation the loss of nineteen lives on November 12, 2017 in the man-made tragedy of capsizing of an overloaded boat in the Krishna River in Ibrahimpatnam near Andhra Pradesh’s Vijayawada. Many children and women died in the accident. Some families were washed off completely.The tourists on the boat were heading to witness the grand maha haarathi ritual at the Pavitra Sangamam. The boat belonged to a private company, River Boat Adventures, which had permission to operate only two small boats — a 2-seater and a 4-seater. The boat that sank did not have licence or permission. While the capacity of boat is 20 they overloaded with 38 tourists. And they were refused life jackets even after asking for them.This is not the first time
Red Salute to Working Class
The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India has issued the following statement:The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India, warmly congratulates the working class for its mighty demonstrations at Delhi from 9th to 11th of November. The call for gherao the Parliament was given by ten Central Trade Unions including AITUC, CITU, INTUC, HMS and other organisations, except the BJP’s BMS. More than two lakh workers from different sectors of the industries, unorganised workers, scheme workers participated in the “Parliament Gherao” programme. In spite of sudden cold and high pollution, the workers bravely participated in the programme with anger and determination.The demands include defence of public sector, scraping of anti-labour amendments in Labour Law, curbing of price rise, employment, minimum wage, pensions, etc.The successful programme should open the eyes of the government, which is hell bent on implementing anti-people, anti-working class policies. The
CPI National Executive Decisions
The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India issued the following press communiqué today on the conclusion of the two-day National Executive meeting of the party: CPI National Executive which met at New Delhi on November 24 and 25, 2017, expressed serious concern at the deteriorating economic situation with reduction of GDP growth rate by 2 percent, raising inflation resulting price rise of food grains, vegetables, essential commodities etc. Unemployment is growing alarmingly. There is unrest among the youth and people. Sangh Parivar is deliberately trying to divert the attention of the people, by provoking controversy on Padmavathi film and continuing attacks of cow vigilantes, murdering the minorities. Law and order is deteriorating. CPI appealed to people to be vigilant and defeat the communalists’ game. Com. Annie Raja presided over the meeting.BJP’s promise of transparent and corruption free government has proven only a hoax. The affidavit of BJP president Amit Sha

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