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The Communist Party of Canada (CPC) | Le Parti communiste du Canada est un parti politique minoritaire au Canada sans représentation au Parlement.
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ENG: The Communist Party of Canada (CPC) is a communist political party in Canada. Although it is currently a minor or small political party without representation in the Federal Parliament or in provincial legislatures, historically the Party has elected representatives in Federal Parliament, the Ontario Legislature and the Manitoba Legislature as well as various municipal governments. The party has also contributed significantly to trade union organizing and labour history in Canada, peace and anti-war activism, as well as many other social movements. The Communist Party of Canada is the second oldest registered party after the Liberal Party of Canada, and the only registered political party to historically have been declared illegal (in 1921, 1932, and 1940). In 1990 the party was ...
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Communists demand an Independent inquiry

There is overwhelming evidence that during the 2011 federal election, thousands of voters across Canada were phoned with fraudulent and misleading information. This sabotage of electoral democracy has removed any legitimacy for the Harper Conservatives. The Communist Party of Canada calls for the immediate resignation of the Harper government, a new general election, and an independent public inquiry into all aspects of this scandal. Everyone responsible for this tactic should face criminal charges, right up to the Prime Minister and his inner clique. PM Stephen Harper’s arrogant and ...

Canadian communists cannot collect campus comrades

Miguel Figueroa, leader of the Communist Party of Canada (CPC), encountered some resistance during a political workshop in Welch Hall on March 20.The workshop, which was meant to be a forum for discussion on how to unseat Steven Harper's Conservatives from the House of Commons, quickly switched gears when Figueroa finished with his opening remarks.Certain members of the audience took issue with Figueroa's plan of attack, that supporting other leftist parties such as the Liberal Party or the New Democratic Party was not ideologically sound. As one audience member put it, "We need to get beyond ...

Communist Party of Canada sent telegram of condolences

Global Network reporter Chang reported, according to KCNA news on 20 December, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada, 19 died on the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il the Korean Workers Party Central Committee sent a message of condolence. Message said, 'We received the news of the death of Comrade Kim Jong Il was very painful,' 'Communist Party members and activists in Canada will mourn with you in this time of grief, we will provide you full support.' Source: f-paper.com

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Wise words
Wise words from UN Rapporteur People’s Voice Editorial On Oct. 15, James Anaya, the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous peoples, called on the Harper government to avoid a “rocky road” in its relations with Aboriginal peoples. After visiting communities in six provinces, and meeting with federal officials and the RCMP, Anaya warned […]
Victims of profit system
People’s Voice editorial We don’t always agree with Green MP Elizabeth May, but her dust‑up with ultra‑right cabinet minister Jason Kenney was certainly welcome. Slamming the Harper government’s donation of $1.5 million for a “monument to victims of communism,” May tweeted: “No mention of monument to victims of capitalism.” The volatile Kenney tweeted back that […]
Save Canada Post!
Unity Can Stop the Tory Cuts! Canada Post leaflet 2014 – ENG The federal government’s unilateral decision to eliminate home delivery, jack postal rates, and cut thousands of jobs at Canada Post is a massive attack on one of Canada’s ‘flagship’ public services. This ‘reform’ has nothing to do with “modernizing” our postal services; rather, […]
Lisbon Meeting of Communist & Workers’ Parties (Eng/Fr)
15th Meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties Nov. 8-10, 2013 Lisbon, Portugal  Intervention of the Communist Party of Canada Presented by Elizabeth Rowley, Member of the Central Executive Committee and Ontario Provincial Leader, Communist Party of Canada  It is a great honour and a privilege to speak from a platform in the homeland of the […]

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