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Claire McCaskill

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Claire McCaskill - for

The senior United States Senator from Missouri since 2007.
 NO! McCaskill

Claire McCaskill - against

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Time IP adress Vote
3 months ago107.77.111.32against [-]
5 months ago75.20.154.180[+] for
8 months ago107.143.152.187against [-]
1 year ago71.218.51.97against [-]
1 year ago23.228.179.162[+] for
1 year ago99.82.252.250against [-]
2 years ago91.1.51.150[+] for
2 years ago73.48.49.41[+] for
2 years ago64.219.119.63against [-]
3 years ago23.228.179.162[+] for
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