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Claire McCaskill

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The senior United States Senator from Missouri since 2007.
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ENG: Claire Conner McCaskill (born July 24, 1953) is the senior United States Senator from Missouri and a member of the Democratic Party. She defeated Republican incumbent Jim Talent in the 2006 U.S. Senate election, by a margin of 49.6% to 47.3%. She is the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from Missouri in her own right. She will become the state's senior U.S. Senator upon the retirement of Kit Bond in 2011. Before her election to the U.S. Senate, McCaskill was State Auditor of Missouri from 1999 to 2007. She previously served as Jackson County Prosecutor (1993–1998) and a member of the Missouri House of Representatives (1983–1988). She was an unsuccessful candidate for Governor of Missouri in the 2004 gubernatorial election. She is a native of Rolla and graduate of ...
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McCaskill demands better auditing of US spending in Afghan

WASHINGTON - Slamming the government's record on contracting in Afghanistan, U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill lashed out at its chief inspector Thursday for not doing nearly enough to expose waste and fraud in contracts related to the $56 billion that this country has spent so far on Afghanistan reconstruction. "You are not the right person for the job," McCaskill, D-Mo., told the inspector, Arnold Fields (right), during a contentious hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee's contracting oversight subcommittee, which she chairs. Fields, a retired ...

Interview with Senator Claire McCaskill

KING: In what you might call a little bit of Capitol Hill bipartisan, Republican senators Tom Coburn and John McCain along with Democrats Claire McCaskill and Mark Udall are trying to force a public vote on giving up earmarks, those spending projects members of Congress slip into legislation. And no shock here, there's also bipartisan push- back. Earlier today in a dig at her new Republican colleague, Senator McCaskill tweeted, "Newly elected Senator from Missouri is bucking Republican leadership by supporting earmarks while I continue to buck mine by fighting them." Senator ...

McCaskill could face a fight for re-election in 2012

Claire McCaskill WASHINGTON | As the political spotlight shifts to 2012, the glare will be bright in Missouri, where first-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill will face re-election. Will she confront a hostile electorate and a further darkening of the mood that knocked Democrats out of power in the House and weakened their hold on the Senate? Or will unemployment improve over the next 24 months, President Barack Obama’s sagging disapproval rating rebound, and the political plates shift yet again? Though this year’s Senate contest in Missouri was a ...

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GM Recall: McCaskill Slams ‘culture of cover-up’ at Hearing
Senator demands answers from GM CEO Mary Barra, Highway Safety and Transportation officials
Campus Sexual Assault - McCaskill Briefed by Justice, Ed. Depts.
Civil Rights divisions meet with Senator to discuss requirements under Title IX & Clery Act, aiming to identify how to better protect and empower victims on campuses, hold perpetrators accountable
Campus Sexual Assault - McCaskill Requests Data
Former sex crimes prosecutor scheduling meetings with Justice Civil Rights, Department of Education as she lays groundwork for effort to combat sex crimes on America's college campuses
McCaskill Helps Rally Support for Paycheck Fairness
At a press conference with women Senators, calls on Senate to pass legislation to close gender pay gap

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