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Civil Force (Hong Kong)

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Civil Force (Hong Kong) is ready for your opinion, support and vote. Vote online NOW!
photo  公民力量

公民力量 - for

公民力量-,香港一個地區組織,主要活躍於新界沙田區和西貢區。 | Civil Force is a community alliance in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the PRC.
 NO! 公民力量

公民力量 - against

按一下,如果你不支持他们。 Click, if you do not support the Civil Force. Say why.

Online election results for "公民力量" in graph.

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Time IP adress Vote
5 years agoAnonymousagainst [-]
5 years ago220.246.211.162[+] for
6 years ago66.28.14.18against [-]
6 years agoAnonymousagainst [-]
6 years ago66.49.129.40[+] for
6 years ago24.77.250.138[+] for
6 years ago65.49.14.10[+] for
6 years agoAnonymousagainst [-]
6 years ago113.108.116.213[+] for
6 years agoAnonymousagainst [-]
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