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The senior United States Senator from Iowa since 1981.
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Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley Supports Dr John Boyd

I’ve often said that the Pigford scandal isn’t a partisan issue. This is about fraud and corruption and while there are many Democrats involved, one of the biggest promoters of Pigford has been Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. Grassley was the Senate sponsor of the Pigford Claims Recovery Act that extended Pigford to another 70,000+ claimants. Even more troubling than Senator Grassley’s support of the Pigford Legislation, however, has been his explicit support of “Dr.” John Boyd.Boyd is head of the National Black Farmers Assocuation, a group that he runs out of ...

Q&A with Sen. Chuck Grassley on the drug, K2

Q & A: Banning the Harmful Drug K2 Q. What is K2? A. K2 is the common name for incense that is laced with toxic, mind-altering chemicals. It is also called spice, genie or synthetic marijuana, among other things. K2 is packaged as a harmless product. Young adults are smoking it to obtain what they consider to be a “legal high.” Many of them think K2 is natural and, therefore, harmless, when in fact K2 is anything but natural and harmless. According to a recent study, most of the chemicals found in K2 aren’t even on the package ingredient list for the incense that has ...

Chuck Grassley wants David Petraeus to run for president

As an influential GOP leader in an early presidential primary state, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is sure to be a key figure in the upcoming 2012 Republican presidential primary. So it's worth noting that Grassley, despite overtures from hopefuls such as Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty, told the National Review that he wishes David Petraeus would run for president. "I'll listen to anybody, but I wish that General Petraeus would get interested," Grassley says, adding that he'd escort him to "all 99 counties" in his state if he chose to run. His comments come as a new Gallup poll finds Republican ...

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