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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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Abbott government humiliated by World Bank on global warming policy – Greens
Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Abbott government has been further humiliated on global warming by World Bank chief Jim Yong Kim. "Tony Abbott's dismissal of a price on pollution as some kind of extreme ideological tax that harms the economy has been exposed," Greens Leader Christine Milne said. "Australia stands alone and humiliated on global warming policy. "Anyone with any shred of economic credibility accepts the urgent need to shift away from pollution and towards renewable energy, but the Abbott government has dug in to defend the coal industry and the big polluters. "If Tony Abbott doesn't rethink his position on coal, fossil fuel subsides and global warming, the French President won't know whether to laugh or cry when they meet in the coming week. "Compare the statements of the World Bank chief and other world leaders to Tony Abbott's vision that coal is good for humanity and Australians have very little to laugh about. "I am again calling on the Prime Minister to abando

Data cable essential infrastructure for the future
Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne has thrown her support behind the Tasmanian Government’s investigation of a new data cable for the state and called on the federal government to help out if needed. “This is one of those cases of ‘if you build it they will come’,” Senator Milne said. “A fourth data cable connecting us to the world could bring costs down and attract more ICT business to the state. “Increased data capacity, our abundant renewable energy, educated workforce and temperate climate could see us becoming the home of major data storage centres, IT support services and energy hungry tech businesses.  “This cable would enhance Tasmania’s clean, green and clever brand because Tasmania could be advertised as a solution for companies wanting to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, by storing data using renewable energy. Data centres in Asia using dirty energy could relocate to Tasmania for its clean energy. &

PM Abbott has no idea what success in Iraq would look like – Milne
Greens Leader Christine Milne says mission creep in Iraq has accelerated and Prime Minister Tony Abbott has committed troops to an unwinnable war. "Tony Abbott continues to blindly follow the US further and further into the Iraq quagmire. He has absolutely zero idea of what success would look like," Senator Milne said. "The Prime Minister says he will review the deployment after 12 months but against what criteria? What will constitute success or failure, what will determine whether we stay or come home? "The entire conflict is an intractable mess driven by sectarian hatred that is potentially being made even worse with US involvement. Australian involvement is not making us safer - it's the opposite. "The Prime Minister said initially that there would be no boots on the ground. We've seen mission creep from day one. "We have a situation where we have Shiite militias fighting alongside Iraqi troops, we have Iraqi special units under investigation for war crimes. "There is no end to it.

Superannuation pain must extend to politicians - Herald Sun
Herald SunSuperannuation pain must extend to politiciansHerald SunYet MPs elected before 2004, such as Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, Tanya Plibersek and Christine Milne, will prosper lavishly under the old scheme when they retire. Mr Abbott, once he becomes a former prime minister, won't just enjoy an indexed pension of ...Australian tax reform Canberra promises rethink on '1950s' systemNikkei Asian Reviewall 10 news articles »

March in March protests held against budget cuts, CSG and Tony Abbott - The Guardian
The GuardianMarch in March protests held against budget cuts, CSG and Tony AbbottThe GuardianMore than 5,000 people gathered in Sydney's CBD to hear Greens senator Christine Milne, who was introduced as the “leader of the opposition”. Milne told the crowd it was time for Abbott to stop pressing the “fear button” and forget about data retention.Marches across country against Abbott govtSky News AustraliaAustralians speak out against government at March in March ralliesSydney Morning Heraldall 20 news articles »

The Greens stun Labor and the Nationals - The Australian Financial Review
The Australian Financial ReviewThe Greens stun Labor and the NationalsThe Australian Financial ReviewGreens candidate for Newtown Jenny Leong is congratulated by Federal Greens leader, Senator Christine Milne. James Alcock. by Will Glasgow. The Greens have had their best result in any state or federal election in Australia, winning up to four seats in ...NSW election: Greens claim four seatsThe Australianall 143 news articles »

Corporate tax avoidance endemic: billions lost to the big end of town
At the conclusion of three days of hearings in the Senate corporate tax avoidance inquiry, Greens Leader Christine Milne says it is clear that tax avoidance by big business in Australia is endemic and that immediate steps must be taken to prevent further billions in tax being lost to the big end of town. "Corporate tax avoidance in Australia is endemic. Big business is taking us all for a ride. We need more transparency, not more secrets," Greens Leader Christine Milne said. "Billions are being lost to Australians via so-called aggressive tax planning that could be spent on schools, hospitals and creating jobs. "Big corporates are exploiting loopholes in our tax laws and the global nature of their business to avoid tax. That means that it is Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey's job to act now. "We cannot wait for the OECD, we must resource the tax office adequately and legislate appropriate changes now. "Unfortunately the Abbott government talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk. To dat

Sydney's Mardi Gras isn't just a night out to Christine Milne. It's personal - The Guardian
The GuardianSydney's Mardi Gras isn't just a night out to Christine Milne. It's personalThe GuardianChristine Milne thinks of Sydney's Mardi Gras as more than a gay rights parade with feathers and fake tan. For the Greens leader, the festival of pride is a social justice issue with deeply personal roots. In 2013, Milne stood with her son Thomas, an ...Sydney Mardi Gras celebrates Freedom Rides and combats homophobia in sportThe GuardianMardi Gras 2015: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras ParadeNEWS.com.auall 169 news articles »

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