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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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"It's got to stop" - Greens call for a national ICAC
Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne tells the press in Hobart: We to restore strength in our democracy and that means creating an anti-corruption commission with teeth. To date, the Liberal, National and Labor parties have opposed the Greens' moves for a national ICAC. The Bill is still before the parliament and it's time to pass it into law.

Christine Milne re-enters fray at last - Sydney Morning Herald
Christine Milne re-enters fray at lastSydney Morning HeraldChristine Milne's decision to write to Labor, the PUP and other crossbenchers and ask for budget meetings is not before time. The Greens have been sitting on the sidelines since December, when Senator Milne cut a deal with Treasurer Joe Hockey to ...and more »

Senator Milne's apparent solution to ISIS barbarism: Let their victims die - Herald Sun
MacroBusinessSenator Milne's apparent solution to ISIS barbarism: Let their victims dieHerald SunI HAVE a question for Greens leader Christine Milne about what she agrees is the “slaughter of innocent people” in Iraq and Syria. So, Senator, what would you have us do? I ask politely — no abuse, no anger — because what you said last week struck me ...Palmer laughs off split over IraqThe Australian Financial ReviewCrikey says: don't mention the (upcoming) warCrikeyall 5 news articles »

Greens say engaging in war helps drive extremism at home
The Australian Greens accept the advice of ASIO on threats to Australia but say we cannot ignore the impact of military engagement in Iraq and the Middle East in increasing the risk at home. Back in 2004, Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said Australia was at increased risk because of our involvement in the Iraq war, and Greens Leader Christine Milne says the same applies now. "We cannot bring Australians together and combat extremism at home by blindly following the USA into yet another Iraq war," said Senator Milne. "It is not as simple as extremists hating us because of our way of life. They are also fuelled by our past engagement in Iraq with the Coalition of the Willing. Fighting US led Western imperialism is a rallying call for jihadists. "We cannot ignore the fact that arming sectarian militia and dropping bombs in the Middle East will do absolutely nothing to combat extremism and violence at home in Australia and may make it much worse. "The Prime Minister calls Iraq and

People's Climate March
Sat, 2014-09-20 11:00 - Sun, 2014-09-21 15:00 In September, world leaders are going to New York City for a historic summit on climate change. With our future on the line, we will take a weekend and use it to bend the course of history. To change everything we need everyone. As leaders gather in New York for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's emergency climate summit, millions will march around the world in support for ambitious action on climate change. We need the People's Climate March to be the biggest climate mobilisation the world has ever seen. Find the details of the event nearest you below. Please RSVP here to join us at the People's Climate March.   MELBOURNE When: 11am, Sunday 21st September 2014 Where: Meet at State Library, march to Treasury Gardens   SYDNEY When:

Greens demand explanation from Tony Abbott over Iraq military involvement - Sydney Morning Herald
Sky News AustraliaGreens demand explanation from Tony Abbott over Iraq military involvementSydney Morning HeraldIn a fiery exchange in the Senate on Monday, Greens leader Christine Milne tried to force a debate on the deployment of Australian troops but the move was rejected by the government and opposition as a "political stunt". Senator Milne accused Mr Abbott ...Greens fail to force debate on Australian military involvement in IraqThe GuardianNo parliament debate on Iraq involvementYahoo!7 NewsAustralian military transport plane 'shot at' by Islamic State fighters in ...Daily MailThe Guardian -Sky News Australiaall 477 news articles »

Greens welcome pledge to enhance Parliamentary Budget Office
Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne welcomes today's commitment from Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen that a Labor government would enhance the role of the independent Parliamentary Budget Office. "The Greens set up the PBO in our agreement with the former government and it has already improved accountability and transparency when it comes to promises made by all political parties," said Senator Milne. "Just last month the Greens made an inquiry submission calling for greater powers for the PBO and greater transparency. "Labor didn't make a submission but the Greens welcome this announcement that the party is motivated to strengthen the PBO. "Expanding the responsibilities and influence of this independent office would be another great step forward for Australian democracy."  

Live article connection interrupted. Please refresh your browser - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning HeraldLive article connection interrupted. Please refresh your browserSydney Morning Herald5:50pm: The lower house continues to talk renewable energy and the upper house is tabling documents from committees. And we are heading home to read 360-plus pages of Ian Hangar's writings on home insulation. But before that, what did we learn?and more »

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