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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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Child mortality no longer on track as Government continues rhetoric to close the gap
The Close the Gap report now showing that child mortality rates are not on track is a dismal reflection on the Government’s half-hearted and under-funded attempts to end Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage. “One of the targets is on track to Close the Gap for our First Peoples. Just one. How has the Government let it get to this stage? “I have witnessed many Closing the Gap reports in my time as a Senator but this year’s report is particularly devastating. Unfortunately it is not surprising.   “When they ripped half a billion dollars out of the sector, leaders, Aboriginal organisations and service deliverers knew the impacts would be real. This is now reflected in this report. This highlights why the Government needs to adopt the Redfern Statement’s Engagement Approach. “Falling behind on child mortality rates means that the Government’s failure to act in this space is costing lives.   “We’ve also gone backwards when it comes to Aboriginal kids’ r

Greens will oppose Omnibus Bill
The Australian Greens today said they will oppose the Government’s Omnibus Bill in its entirety. “The Australian Greens will be opposing this bill in its entirety. The measures in the Bill will hurt struggling Australians to support. “The threat that the social safety net cuts are necessary to pay for childcare reforms and the NDIS shows their spiteful and ham-fisted approach to our most vulnerable. “Prime Minister Turnbull, please stop trying to tell Australians that we need to hack at the social safety net to pay for childcare and the NDIS. That is rubbish and you know it.  "People with disabilities have rejected the Government's cynical attempts to justify the cuts to pay for the NDIS as do we. The Government over-reached in trying to sell their cuts, cutting supports for one group of vulnerable Australians for another vulnerable group is low politics. “They need to go back to the drawing board and stop being so allergic to revenue raising. Ditch negative gearing, close

Greens call on Turnbull to get behind Redfern Statement
The Australian Greens have recommitted to the Redfern Statement presented to political leaders today and call on the Federal Government to urgently commit to the recommendations and engagement approach outlined.  “The Government is notorious in using rhetoric when talking about reducing disadvantage for our First Peoples – the Redfern Statement offers Aboriginal-led solutions to closing the gap in a timely manner rather than going backwards”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.  “The Government should immediately implement recommendation that the $534 million cut from the Aboriginal sector by the Government be re-instated. That money could go towards pursuing the priority areas outlined in the Redfern Statement and would serve as a solid foundation for resetting the efforts to close the gap.  “As previously outlined in my letter to the Prime Minister, I support the Redfern Statement’s calls for justice targets. I hope the PM has good news and that he an

Greens take action in the Senate to make it easier to access medicinal cannabis
As Parliament returns for the first sitting fortnight of the year, the Australian Greens have lodged a motion to stop the Government’s proposed restrictions medicinal cannabis Dr Richard Di Natale, Greens Leader and Health Spokesperson, said today, “With this latest round of regulations, the Government has tried to add unnecessary time, stress, and difficulty for terminally ill patients to access medicinal cannabis. This is something the Australian Greens will not accept. "The test of this regulation is whether it makes it easier for patients with medically approved conditions to legally and affordably access medicinal cannabis products through their doctor. It has clearly failed that test, and so we will be working within the Senate to prevent the Government from proceeding down this route. “Terminally ill patients who are using medicinal cannabis to alleviate their suffering have been let down by a Government that has previously demonstrated support for improving access to medi

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