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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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Japan’s moves to resume commercial whaling shows up ‘scientific whaling’ as sham
Greens spokesperson for Healthy Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has lashed out at moves in the Japanese Parliament to help Japan resume commercial whaling and calls upon Malcolm Turnbull to condemn the moves. Senator Whish-Wilson said, “For years and years Japan has conducted whaling on Australia’s doorstep in the Southern Ocean under the guise of scientific research but these moves in the Japanese Parliament to reinstate commercial whaling show that ‘scientific whaling’ is just a sham. “Japan has been increasingly aggressive in defence of its whaling program and is trying to turn the tide on decades of international pressure to get it to abandon the outdated and cruel practice. “Ever since Tony Abbott put trade before whales, Australia has run dead on the issue, and this has allowed Japan to take an increasingly assertive position. “Japan has snubbed its nose at the Australian Federal Court decision and disregarded international law by extracting itself from the juri

Government and ALP vote down senate motion calling on cashless welfare card extension to be abandoned
The Government, ALP and crossbench have voted down an Australian Greens senate motion calling for the cashless welfare card expansion to be abandoned.  “Before completing the evaluation of the current cashless welfare card trial, the Government has proposed extending and expanding the measure”, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.  “Why are they expanding a trial that has not been evaluated for its success in full? This shows that the concept of ‘trialing’ the measure was always farcical, the Government always planned to extend the roll out.  “There are various new locations being planned and we know that compulsory income management has failed in its objectives in the Northern Territory. This has been demonstrated during the Northern Territory intervention.  “It is disappointing to see the Labor party and cross-bench turn their back on people accessing the social safety net who will be dumped onto the card without consultation.  “We need to stop tr

An obscene global suicide pact
The question is one of fundamental importance. I am not surprised that the Minister for Defence has been so slow to respond, because the answer would have required facing up to some appalling truths. 72 years after more than two hundred thousand people were killed in the twin attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is still official Australian Government policy to endorse the threat, and the use, of nuclear weapons on civilian populations. Its in the defence white paper, and it has been for years. It goes by the bloodless term ‘extended nuclear deterrence.’  It means, in practice, that if you commit indiscriminate mass murder on our population, collapse our economies, irradiate our food and fresh water and unleash a cancer epidemic that will overwhelm our health system; if you do that to us, we will do it to you. And we will do it with weapons a thousand times the destructive yield of the ones that turned those wartime Japanese c

Making the internet safe for everyone
I rise this afternoon to add a couple of comments in a similar vein, actually, to those of Senator O'Neill on the Enhancing Online Safety for Children Amendment Bill. I say at the outset that the Greens are supporting this bill. I think it is a worthwhile initiative, but it is nowhere near as far reaching as the kinds of reforms that I suspect this parliament is going to need to engage in before too long. Online harassment, or cyberbullying, for the older generation, has been an issue for as long as people have been interacting online. When the Joint Select Committee on Cyber-Safety conducted its inquiry quite a few years back now—in 2011 or 2012—into safety for kids online, the No. 1 issue that came right through the middle of all the others was bullying. One of the most powerful pieces of evidence that we took—because there was a panel of young people who were invited to give their views, not directly to the committee but th

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