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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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Congratulations Kim Booth on terrific parliamentary career
Kim Booth has served Tasmania and the people of Bass with passion and dedication over 13 years in the Tasmanian Parliament and he will be greatly missed in public life by the community and Tasmanian Greens, senator and former Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said today. “I first met Kim Booth in 1988 when he played a fundraising gig for the farmers at Wesley Vale opposing North Broken Hill’s proposed pulp mill, and he hasn’t stopped campaigning since for a clean, green and clever Tasmania,” Senator Milne said. “Kim Booth has dedicated himself to transition the forest industry out of industrial, native forest logging and was a stalwart in the battle against Gunns’ pulp mill and shining a light on the corruption that surrounded the entire approval process. “No one can forget “shreddergate”, when the strong and forensic action Kim took to piece together critical evidence contributed to the end of the Lennon era. “Kim&

Christine Milne vows to remain Greens activist 'more dangerous than ever' in ... - ABC Online
ABC OnlineChristine Milne vows to remain Greens activist 'more dangerous than ever' in ...ABC OnlineSenator Milne told the chamber the strength of the Greens is found at its roots in activism. "It is a case of striving to seek to find, and not to yield, or as Peter Cundall in Tasmania would say, 'we will never ever give up'," she said. "And that is ...Milne fires danger warningPerth NowI'll be more dangerous than ever: MilneSBSMilne delivers final speech to senateSky News AustraliaThe New Dailyall 9 news articles »

"I've heard a lot of drivel"
I've heard a lot of drivel in a decade in the Senate and often it just is drivel to fill in time and that's precisely what's going on here tonight - anyone listening to this here tonight should know that this is a filibuster. That's because out in the backrooms the crossbenchers are trying to stitch up an even worse deal. The government has its tail up because it's got the Labor Party to cave in to 33 GWh. They got them to cave in on forest logging because the Labor Party did not make it a condition on accepting this deal that they give rid of native forest logging. And now we've got the anti-wind, anti-science, anti-future, pro-logging group from the crossbench negotiating with the Government to see what other disasters they can incorporate into the RET.That’s exactly what’s going on now. I call it drivel for this reason. Nobody who has spoken on this, clearly, has ever been to a coup in

Protect TWWHA: Abbott government on notice
Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne says this weekend's report from the World Heritage Committee (WHC) should send a strong signal that Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Premier Will Hodgman will not get away with their blatant attempt to undermine the values of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The WHC has put the Australian Government on notice that its proposed management plan for the TWWHA is of "concern," that "mineral exploration and exploitation is incompatible with World Heritage status," and that "commercial logging and mining" are not permitted within the entire property. "I wrote to all members of the WHC drawing their attention to the Australian government's efforts to undermine Tasmania's World Heritage area with the draft management plan, and I'm pleased the Committee has responded with this clear warning," said Senator Milne. "How many times does the United Nations have to tell Australia that World Heritage areas are not quarries to be dug up, cut down or

Ten Greens members nominate for Christine Milne's Senate spot - ABC Online
ABC OnlineTen Greens members nominate for Christine Milne's Senate spotABC OnlineMs Milne resigned as Australian Greens leader last month and will not contest the next election. For the first time, members who joined the party at least six months ago will vote for their preferred candidate to take her Senate spot when she leaves ...

Christine Milne: Australia 'universally condemned' at regional Greens meeting - The Guardian
The GuardianChristine Milne: Australia 'universally condemned' at regional Greens meetingThe GuardianChristine Milne: Australia 'universally condemned' at regional Greens meeting. Christine Milne. Too often, the concerns of Pacific Island nations are jettisoned in favour of bigger nations' interests. The Asia Pacific Greens congress aims to change that.and more »

Big pharma​ bosses front up to Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidance - Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning HeraldBig pharma​ bosses front up to Senate inquiry into corporate tax avoidanceSydney Morning HeraldChristine Milne, formerly leader of the Greens and the senator who got the corporate tax inquiry started, said the senate had heard evidence of the tax avoidance ploys of big mining (in April during the committee's first hearings), then big technology ...Drug companies grilled at tax avoidance inquiryABC OnlinePharmaceutical companies pay just $85 million tax on $8 billion revenueThe Australian Financial ReviewBig pharma's $85m tax on $8bn revenueHerald SunThe Sunshine Coast Dailyall 58 news articles »

Christine's last Speech in the Senate
On this day of national shame—and that is the only way you can describe it when the government and the Labor Party have completely lost their moral compass—to retrospectively legalise the illegal, under the law as it stands, to send babies into offshore detention indefinitely, I rise here to say how proud I am that the Greens are a strong and rising political force here and around the world, a force for hope, resilience and change in an otherwise bleak political environment. That force for hope, resilience and change was on show here last night as well, as we stood up for addressing global warming, for renewable energy, for the conversion to the low-carbon economy and, instead, watched what I can only describe as the 'hollow men'. I will come back to that a bit later. The Greens are a force for standing up to the only two things that are really in the world: people and nature. We know that economics is simply a tool that governs that relationship. The problem

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