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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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Prevention better than cure, social cohesion is key
The Australian Greens are pushing for a comprehensive plan to strengthen Australian society and help make all Australians safer at home, announcing legislation to establish an independent national body to build social cohesion and prevent extremism. The Australian Centre for Social Cohesion (ACSC) would be tasked with overseeing the development and implementation of key preventative programs that combat social exclusion and stop young Australians from becoming radicalised. "Prevention is much better than cure when it comes to keeping us all safe from risks associated with terrorism, Greens Leader Christine Milne said. "Building a cohesive, tolerant and inclusive community in Australia should be the government's top priority to protect Australia's much loved multiculturalism. "If Tony Abbott and the Labor party are serious about making Australians safer they should invest in programs that bring young Australians of all walks of life together. Money to build communities rather than to

Secure funding needed for Tasmanian and Antarctic progress
The Greens have long recognised the economic and scientific opportunities that Tasmania’s proximity to Antarctica offer but the sector needs to be funded properly if that vision is to be realised, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said today. “I welcome Dr Press's report outlining how the vision for Tasmania and Antarctica can be progressed,” Senator Milne said. “I have campaigned for China to make Hobart its Antarctic base as this could be a huge boost for collaborative research for our university, for tourism and for business. “But the Abbott government cannot have it both ways. “Mr Abbott cannot claim to support Hobart as an Antarctic hub while cutting funding to the research institutions which give it global significance. “Efficiency dividends and other cuts are killing the Antarctic and Southern Ocean programs. “The CSIRO is set to lose at least 50 Tasmanian positions as a result of Abbott government cuts. “And while

Record Hydro profit shows benefits of carbon price, RET for Tasmania
Hydro Tasmania’s record profit announcement today highlights what a fantastic boost the carbon price and Renewable Energy Target (RET) have been for Tasmania, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne said. “Hydro Tasmania has made a record profit thanks to the carbon price and RET, but the Abbott government has deliberately destroyed future profit potential,” Senator Milne said. “A profitable Hydro Tasmania has the potential to inject millions into the state budget. Its record $750m to the Government over the past five years is critical to the state budget and the jobs of teachers, nurses and the public service. “Tasmania has already suffered a blow from the carbon price abolition and now Hydro Tasmania is warning that uncertainty about the future of the RET is jeopardising future returns to the state. The financial disaster that the Abbott government has delivered to Tasmania by abolishing the carbon price will hit hard in the 2014-15 financial year and

Christine Milne offers to pass Direct Action if renewable energy target stays - The Guardian
The GuardianChristine Milne offers to pass Direct Action if renewable energy target staysThe GuardianChristine Milne has said the Greens will help put “spine and rigour” into the Coalition's Direct Action climate plan and allow it to become law, in return for an assurance that the renewable energy target will not be wound back. Milne called Direct ...Leave RET alone and we'll talk: Christine MilneThe AustralianGreens offer to negotiate on Direct Action to preserve RETSydney Morning Heraldall 5 news articles »

Christine Milne: We will follow US into a Middle East quagmire – video - The Guardian
The GuardianChristine Milne: We will follow US into a Middle East quagmire – videoThe GuardianThe Greens leader, Christine Milne, says there is no doubt Australia is following the US into a long quagmire in Iraq. She says Australia following America into a war in Iraq 'will not be something that is either simple or straightforward or short ...

Tony Abbott criticised by Christine Milne for missing UN climate talks – video - The Guardian
Tony Abbott criticised by Christine Milne for missing UN climate talks – videoThe GuardianThe Greens leader, Christine Milne, has criticised the prime minister, Tony Abbott, for not attending the UN climate convention in New York, despite being in the city for a UN security council meeting. Milne said the foreign affairs minister, Julie ...

Christine Milne: 'Arming militias in Syria and Iraq is risky' - video - The Guardian
Christine Milne: 'Arming militias in Syria and Iraq is risky' - videoThe GuardianGreens leader Christine Milne says Australia should be helping young disaffected people to prevent them feeling they have more in common with foreign Jihadist organisations than Australians. Meanwhile, she says the PM and attorney general have ...Not our war? Combat in Iraq - the key issuesSydney Morning HeraldIS should be renamed the Barbaric StateThe Australianall 7 news articles »

Greens say China trade barriers a grim warning to Abbott: don’t lock us into a doomed coal future
Greens Leader Christine Milne says the reaction to trade barriers imposed by China on coal imports highlights the risks attached to the Abbott government's determination to protect old industry and big business profits. "It's clear the main reason the Abbott government wants a Chinese free trade deal is to underpin coal mining expansion in the Bowen and Galilee Basins and expanded export volumes into the long term. Protecting the profits of the vested interests of the big end of town is his specialty," Senator Milne said. "In the age of global warming it is ridiculous to be pursing a dig it up and ship it away fossil fuel dependent economy, but that's the only kind of economy Tony Abbott understands. "By driving coal mines and coal ports the Abbott government is condemning investors to stranded assets and lost investment dollars. "Divestment from coal and investment in renewable energy is the key for the future of the Australian economy but it is the opposite of what the Abbott Gover

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