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An Australian Senator and leader of the parliamentary caucus of the Australian Greens.
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Bandt supports Webb Dock community protest
Media ReleaseEmployment and Workplace Relations

Sick and disturbing that emissions continue to rise: Bandt
Sick and disturbing that emissions continue to rise: Bandt In response to reports that Australia’s emissions over the past year are rising, with projections that our transport emissions could be the highest on record, Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today expressed his fury at the government’s climate denialism. “It’s hard to believe that in 2017, when every country not ruled by a megalomaniac is trying to reduce their emissions, Australia’s emissions continue to rise,” said Mr Bandt. “This is sick and disturbing. To this government, the Paris agreement isn’t worth the paper it is written on. “This government of coal-huggers is sentencing Australia to intense bushfires, worse heatwaves and more deaths.” Media contact: Gideon Reisner, 0429 109 054 TW: @AdamBandt FB: facebook.com/Adam.Bandt.MP Media ReleaseClimate ChangeEnergy

605GL reduction to southern MDBP is legalised theft: Greens
The Australian Greens will move to disallow the Government’s plan to strip the southern Murray Darling Basin of 605GL of environmental water once Parliament resumes next year. “The Murray Darling Basin Authority hoped no-one would notice when they released a statement late on Friday afternoon saying they’d seek to strip 605GL of water allocation to the southern basin, but in South Australia we are watching," Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. “This is an admission that the 605GL of allocated water hasn’t been going to the environment, which shows there are fundamental flaws in the management of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. We need more water, not less for the health of the river in South Australia, and if the MDBA can’t figure out where this 605GL has gone, they need to find it, not just strike it out from the plan. We’ve been promised that the Murray Darling Basin Plan would be delivered in full and this latest scandal calls to qu

PM’s anti-corruption shift set to fail if he continues to back toothless model
Now Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has opened the door to a national anti-corruption body he should engage with the National Integrity Committee (NIC) set up last month to advise policy makers on the best model.  Commenting on the Prime Minister’s policy shift the Greens democracy spokesperson, Senator Lee Rhiannon said, “The Prime Minister will undermine his own announcement that he is considering a national anti-corruption body if he continues to advocate for a model similar to the Victorian IBAC. “The IBAC itself has acknowledged that it is unable to investigate serious allegations because it lacks legislative teeth. “With polling consistently showing that about 80 per cent of Australians recognise that there is corruption at a federal level the Prime Minister would be in dangerous territory if he thought he could get away with setting up a weak and restricted oversight body. “I strongly urge the Prime Minister to follow the advice of the National Integrity Committee. Th

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