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The Christian Heritage Party of Canada - CHP Canada | Le Parti de l'héritage chrétien du Canada est un parti politique fédéral au Canada.
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ENG: The Christian Heritage Party of Canada, also referred to as CHP Canada, is a federal political party that advocates that Canada be governed according to Biblical principles. It believes "the purpose of civil government is to ensure security, freedom, and justice for all its citizens from conception till natural death, by upholding just laws". This socially and fiscally conservative party held its founding convention in Hamilton, Ontario in November 1987, where Ed Vanwoudenberg was elected its first leader. Jim Hnatiuk has led the party since 2008. The party nominated candidates for the first time in the 1988 federal election, and ran numerous candidates in the 1993 and 1997 elections. It was unable to field 50 candidates in the 2000 election and was consequently de-registered ...
for8against   As far as I am concerned, this is the only Political Party that Canada needs to begin the renaissance needed to bring our country back on track to prosperity and good government., LambOfGod
for1against   I see that I am voting against the trend. CHP is obviously reaching into the hearts of Canadians with it's prolife stance and common sense policies. Send a message and vote CHP!, stillthinkinggal
for30against   I am strongly opposed. Christian Heritage Party is quite bad choice. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is bad, I wrote it here), negative
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CHP: Canada Must Act Against Sharia Law Now

A crisis of global proportions is being felt by Western countries that have accepted mass immigration from the Muslim world. Most European states find themselves dealing with immigrant populations unwilling to accept the laws in their adopted societies. Despite the protestations of some Muslims, it is a fact that immigration and migration have been inherent forms of jihad since Islam's inception, designed to make Islam the dominant force in countries that are currently non-Islamic.(1) Instead of integrating and abiding by cultural and legal norms, Muslim immigrants have segregated ...

CHP Canada warns government to not surrender Canadian ...

... sovereignty to the UN in Copenhagen OTTAWA -Our Prime Minister is going to Copenhagen where the agenda is to place the United Nations in a superior position to our elected representatives. If the Copenhagen Climate Treaty is signed by our Prime Minister, we will no longer be the free country we've long cherished and we'll be forced to pay a UN "Carbon Tax" to the World Bank on everything, from our power bills, gasoline, to even the number of children we have. The Copenhagen conference on climate change this month includes an attempt by the United Nations to become the global authority ...

Who will speak for truck drivers? Christian Heritage Party?

Working truck drivers are not well-represented and have few champions. It’s ironic considering the sheer numbers of people involved in the trade. Up until the last census, truck driving was the largest occupation for males in Canada. We've lost first place to retail workers, but there are still well over 200,000 of us. Now this may seem like a large interest group that should attract some notice from politicians, but this is sadly not the case. Legislators (and industry lobbyists) really don't care what truckers think. Don't like speed limiters? Too bad, they're here to stay. Don't like ...

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