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Chet Culver

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Was the 41st Governor of Iowa (2007 - 2011).
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ENG: Chester John "Chet" Culver (born January 25, 1966) was the 41st Governor of Iowa from 2007 to 2011. He was also elected as the Federal Liaison for the Democratic Governors Association for 2008-2009. He founded the Chet Culver Group, an energy sector consulting firm, in 2011. Political career After college, Culver moved to Iowa and worked as a staff member for the state Democratic Party. He worked with Bonnie Campbell on her 1990 campaign for state attorney general, serving as field director. Culver previously worked as a lobbyist under the guidance of Campbell's husband. From 1991 to 1995, Culver worked as a consumer and environmental advocate in the attorney general's office. After completing his master's degree, he took a job as a teacher in Des Moines. Working first at ...
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Culver optimistic about re-election

COUNCIL BLUFFS — Iowa Gov. Chet Culver bounced onto the stage here Sunday night, exhibiting the excitement he said he saw in the 70 or so faces in the crowd. “There’s no enthusiasm gap in Council Bluffs, that’s for sure,” he said. Culver spoke at the Harvester Lofts, 1000 S. Main St. It was his 72nd campaign stop across state. He and others clung to optimism, campaigning two days before an Election Day expected to deliver harsh results for Culver and most Democrats. The governor stuck to his usual talking points, repeating his support of a middle-class ...

Culver makes whistle stop in Newton

Governor Chet Culver made a whistle stop in Newton on Monday afternoon, and the majority of the Democratic party ticket was along for the ride as well. Culver’s Main Street Versus Wall Street tour made 82 stops in the last few weeks, and Newton was the last stop on the line. The train pulled into the station at Art A La Carte about 5:30 p.m. Monday, in time for speeches from nearly every Democratic candidate. The event began with State Representative candidate Dan Kelley urging party faithful to get out to vote. Gov. Culver outlined some of his campaign promises if he is ...

Culver takes his message to train tour

Newton, Ia. — Gov. Chet Culver and a trainload of Democratic candidates stopped Monday on their final pre-election sweep through Iowa, urging supporters and volunteers to continue their work until the polls close at 9 tonight."Elections are about the future," Culver said to an energized crowd of about 75. "You can't go back to the future with Terry Branstad." Culver dismissed critics who discount his recent uptick in polls. He urged supporters to aggressively work to recruit voters until 9 tonight and said early voting has been strong."We have a team, folks, that is poised for ...

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'Culver has fought for Iowa and Cedar Rapids'
We wanted to share the letter to the editor from Governor Culver's aunt, Kay Baty, that appeared in the Cedar Rapids Gazette on Oct. 29: Culver has fought for Iowa and Cedar Rapids Admittedly, I am not an unbiased observer when it comes to Gov. Chet Culver. My brother, John Culver, is his father. In addition, Chet spent many of his boyhood days playing here in Cedar Rapids with my two sons.I’m writing because as a lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids, I am absolutely appalled that The Gazette chose not to endorse Chet for a second term. I don’t see how any person could have done more for our city’s and this area’s flood recovery than he has.Could Terry Branstad have brought in more than $1 billion to Linn County? Would he have taken the time to come to Cedar Rapids more than 100 times to help this city overcome its worst natural disaster in history?I seem to recall that very little was done by the Branstad administration to help victims after
Statement from Governor Chet Culver
DES MOINES – Governor Chet Culver issued the following statement tonight: "I congratulate Governor Branstad on his victory tonight. I want to thank Lt. Governor Judge, my family, my campaign staff, my Governor's Office staff, and all the other Iowans who have given us so much support and encouragement over the last four years. We've tried to look to the interests of the next generation, not just the next election, in positioning Iowa for a great future."
Governor Culver Continues to Get the Job Done
Thanks to state investment under Democrats, Dubuque now is top city in America DES MOINES – Forbes Magazine came out with their latest rankings on the best small cities to raise a family, and topping the list was Dubuque.  They found that it is large enough to have a thriving business environment, yet small enough to not be overcrowded. Under Governor Chet Culver, the state worked with local leaders and officials at IBM to bring the multi-national technology company to Duqubue.  Thanks to the Iowa Values Fund, our successful public-private partnership, we were able to bring 1,300 good-paying, technology jobs. “My administration has worked hard to bring new jobs and new opportunities to communities large and small all across Iowa, and no place highlights the success of our efforts more than Dubuque,” said Governor Culver.  “We brought 1,300 jobs to this community with IBM.  And thr
Terry Branstad's 'New Day' a Dark One for Iowa
DES MOINES – Terry Branstad told supporters in Sioux City today that his candidacy represents a "new day." A new day for what? “Terry Branstad's candidacy would represent a new day, all right,” said Culver/Judge Campaign Manager Donn Stanley. “A new day without preschool or health care for thousands of our children. A new day for tax cuts for out-of-state corporations and more taxes on the middle class. A new day without life-saving embryonic stem cell research. A new day without renewable energy research. And a new day with the same tired old ideas from the last century.” Terry Branstad has promised to cut preschool for 22,000 4-year olds. He has promised to cut health care for 30,000 children. He has promised to put the ban on embryonic stem cell research back in place and he has promised to eliminate the Iowa Power Fund. Branstad has also promised to cut corporate taxes, placing

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