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Butch Otter

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The 32nd and current Governor of Idaho since January 2007.
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ENG: Clement Leroy "Butch" Otter (born May 3, 1942, Caldwell, Idaho) is the 32nd and current Governor of Idaho since January 2007 and is a member of the Republican Party. Otter previously represented the state's First Congressional District. Otter was the longest serving Lieutenant Governor of Idaho, holding office from 1987-2001. He is the first Idahoan since statehood to win elections as both a United States Representative and as governor. Otter is the third Catholic to serve as governor of Idaho and the first to win election since James H. Hawley in 1910. Early life and career Butch Otter was born into a large family of limited means. His father was a journeyman electrician and the family lived in many rural locations in the Midwest & Western U.S. during his youth, attending ...
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Butch Otter halts Idaho wolf management

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has made sure Idaho hunters won’t pay for protecting wolves until the state has a hunting season again. Idaho Gov. Butch Otter vented 15 years of frustration Monday over the loss of state sovereignty when the federal government reintroduced wolves to the state. ”All the promises that were made when they brought them (here) in ’95, like we would have a 150 wolves and (we would) delist, we wouldn’t have to worry about them, and the stories and the promises just go on and on,“ Otter said. ”And so far the federal government ...

Palin for Otter

Gov. Butch Otter's campaign received a boost from a celebrity politician this weekend, as Sarah Palin endorsed his re-election. The former governor of Alaska posted a statement on her blog and Facebook page on Friday urging Idahoans to re-elect Otter. "He's been a strong advocate for fiscal discipline and energy independence," Palin's statement reads. "Butch has been a voice for common sense conservatism." Palin was born in Sandpoint, Idaho, in Bonner County. She has also worked with Otter, she said, in preventing a "growing federal government power grab" during her term as ...

Otter, Allred wage computerized fight for governor

NAMPA, Idaho (AP) - Just days before the election, the battle between Democrat Keith Allred and Republican Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter is playing out behind the scenes, as herds of computer-aided partisans make phone calls and trek door-to-door in the get-out-the-vote push. Both sides are armed with custom campaign software, to help candidates merge publicly available information from election offices, like lists of registered voters, with other data such as how much they likely earn or even what magazines they read. This can be mined to recruit donors - or even help candidates hone ...

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Idaho Gov. Butch Otter’s wilderness math doesn’t add up
Idaho’s fact free governor testifies about Idaho Wilderness- Clement “Butch” Otter has always made his way catering to most backward power groups in his unequal, economically poor, but wilderness rich state.  The poorly paid teachers, educationally deprived students, overflowing prisons, and dispirited population are fine by him, but he has never liked wild backcountry, and [...]
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service takes over wolf management in Idaho
Federal government reassumes Idaho wolf management role- Though doubtful in the short run, hopefully this will lead to fewer livestock losses, fewer government-killed wolves and less controversy, as it was before Idaho took over wolf management. Service to Resume Lead for Wolf Management in Idaho as a Result of Governor’s Announcement. USFWS news release. [...]
Harry Reid gets surprisingly easy victory. Dems keep Senate. GOP wins House big.
Otter reelected Idaho governor- One tidbit on the wolf issue.  Chet Edwards, a Blue Dog Democrat from Texas, author of the most anti-wolf bill in Congress lost big.  It is doubtful his bill was much of a factor. - – - - Misc. Montana ballot initiative I-161 which we discussed for a long time [...]
Senate and House pass budget bill with wolf delisting rider.
President Obama will sign the bill into law and wolves will no longer enjoy the protection of the Endangered Species Act. The House and Senate passed a budget bill which included the rider to delist wolves in Idaho, Montana and parts of Oregon, Washington, and Utah but leaves the status of wolves in Wyoming unchanged. [...]

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