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The British Columbia Marijuana Party (BCMP) is a minor political party in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

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ENG: The British Columbia Marijuana Party (BCMP) is a minor political party in the Canadian province of British Columbia that advocates the legalisation of cannabis. The BCMP was formed following the 2000 federal election. Marc Emery, the founder and current president of the party, formed the party the day after the 2000 vote. The BCMP made provincial history during the 2001 provincial election that came six months later, by being the only party to ever field candidates in all of the province's ridings during their first election campaign. Brian Taylor served as the party's first leader during the 2001 provincial election. Taylor had been a prominent cannabis activist and was the former mayor of Grand Forks. The Marijuana Party was excluded from the televised leaders' debate, even ...
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Former Vancouver mayors call for end to pot prohibition

Four high-profile former mayors of Vancouver — Mike Harcourt, Sam Sullivan, Larry Campbell and Philip Owen — released a letter Wednesday pushing to decriminalize and regulate marijuana use in B.C. They urge politicians to work together, across party lines, to end what they call “a failed policy” that leads to huge profits for organized criminals, violence in B.C. communities and lost tax revenue that could go toward health care and drug prevention. ... November 23, 2011 Read full article: blogs.theprovince.com 2011-11-25

BCMP: Marc Emery: Top CelebStoner

Newly elected Top CelebStoner Marc Emery is gearing up for the Winter Olympics, which takes place in his hime town Vancouver from Feb. 12-27. Hopefully he'll be there to enjoy the festivities. The Prince of Pot is slated to be extradited any day to the U.S. to serve a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds. "There will be pot at the medals ceremonies," he predicts. "It will be interesting if they pick up a contact high just by being in Vancouver." This is typical Marc Emery - baiting the authorities with the threat of civil disobedience. Born Feb. 13, 1958 in London, Ontario, Emery ...

BCMP - Pot City: Vancouver gives games a distinctive odor

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Walk downtown around midnight and take a deep breath - but not too deep - and you'll experience the unofficial odor of the Vancouver Olympics. And it's not maple syrup. "I know the local street dealers have never been so busy in their life," said Marc Emery, the city's self-proclaimed "Prince of Pot" and leader of the British Columbia Marijuana Party. Vancouver is in the marijuana-friendly corner of Canada, and it's hard to miss. Hastings Street alone has several stores that sell marijuana seeds, and the third floor of Emery's Cannabis Culture ...

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