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The British Columbia Liberal Party - BC Liberals | Le Parti libéral de la Colombie-Britannique est un parti politique de centre-droit.
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The British Columbia Liberal Party (also referred to as the BC Liberals) is the governing political party in British Columbia, Canada. First elected for government in 1916, the party went into decline after 1952, with its rump caucus merging with the Social Credit Party for the 1975 election. It was returned to the legislature through the efforts of Gordon Wilson in a break-through in the 1991 election. At this time, the Social Credit Party collapsed, with the BC Liberals able to garner the centre vote traditionally split between left and right extremes in British Columbia politics. After Wilson lost a leadership challenge in the wake of a personal scandal in a bitter three-way race, the party was led by Gordon Campbell, who became Leader of the Opposition after Wilson's convention defeat. In the wake of the collapse of the British Columbia New Democratic Party (BC NDP) vote in the 2001 election, the Campbell-led BC Liberals won an overwhelming majority in 2001. In November 2010, after mounting public opposition to a new tax and the controversial ending of a political corruption trial, and with low popularity ratings, Campbell announced his resignation, and on February 26, 2011, Christy Clark was elected as the party's new leader.


Previously affiliated with the Liberal Party of Canada, the British Columbia Liberal Party has been independent of its federal counterpart since the late 1980sand subsequently displaced the British Columbia Social Credit Party as the province's de facto liberal-conservative coalition opposed to the social democratic, pro-union British Columbia New Democratic Party.


The party's 2011 leadership convention was prompted by Gordon Campbell's request to the party to hold a leadership convention "at the earliest possible date." The convention elected Christy Clark as its new leader of the party on February 26, 2011. Clark and her new Cabinet were sworn in on March 14.


Under Clark the party has continued its recent tradition of being a coalition of the centre and centre-right, and Clark has close ties to both the federal Liberal and Conservative parties. Clark, who had previous worked for the Chretien Liberals had been a harsh critic of the federal Conservatives under Stephen Harper during the 2008 election. She is nevertheless closely associated with several conservatives. Former Harper pollster Dimitri Pantazopoulos became her principal secretary in 2011, and former federal Conservative Ken Boessenkool became her chief of staff in 2012. She is thought to have the support of Reform Party of Canada founder Preston Manning as well as former federal Conservative cabniet ministers from BC Chuck Strahl and Stockwell Day. Manning famously invited her to a 2012 "conservative family reunion" in Ottawa, angering British Columbia Conservative Party supporters.







Le Parti libéral de la Colombie-Britannique (en anglais BC Liberal Party) est un parti politique de centre-droit de la province canadienne de Colombie-Britannique. Le parti est fiscalement conservateur et socialement modéré ou libéral, quoiqu'il existe plusieurs factions socialement conservatrices dans le parti. Le parti a souvent été séparé de son cousin fédéral, le Parti libéral du Canada, et n'est pas actuellement lié au parti fédéral. Le parti libéral peut se décrire comme une coalition de plusieurs groupes d'idéologies différentes, unie dans l'opposition au NPD et économiquement favorable à une plus grande libéralisation du marché pour la province.


Le parti forme actuellement le gouvernement, détenant une majorité des sièges à l'Assemblée législative de l. Colombie-Britannique.


Chef: Christy Clark

Fondation: 1903

Idéologie: Libéralisme


source (http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parti_libéral_de_la_Colombie-Britannique)

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updated: 2012-11-28

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