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The British Columbia Liberal Party - BC Liberals | Le Parti libéral de la Colombie-Britannique est un parti politique de centre-droit.
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ENG: The British Columbia Liberal Party (also referred to as the BC Liberals) is the governing political party in British Columbia, Canada. First elected for government in 1916, the party went into decline after 1952, with its rump caucus merging with the Social Credit Party for the 1975 election. It was returned to the legislature through the efforts of Gordon Wilson in a break-through in the 1991 election. At this time, the Social Credit Party collapsed, with the BC Liberals able to garner the centre vote traditionally split between left and right extremes in British Columbia politics. After Wilson lost a leadership challenge in the wake of a personal scandal in a bitter three-way race, the party was led by Gordon Campbell, who became Leader of the Opposition after Wilson's convention ...
for34against   In my opinion British Columbia Liberal Party is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
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The BC Liberals should change their name

BC Liberal MLA for Vancouver Quilchena, former Finance Minister Colin Hansen, says it is time for the BC Liberals to change their name. The move comes on the heels of the demise of the federal Liberals in the May 2nd federal election, where the Conservatives won a historic majority government. Hansen says with Christy Clark as the new BC Liberal Leader and Premier, now is the time to look at changing the party's name. Frankly, the Saskatchewan Liberal Party is long overdue to have this internal debate as well. The Saskatchewan Liberals have suffered off and on for the last 40 years due to ...

Federal Tory MP attacks B.C. Liberals

Federal Conservative MP John Cummins is stepping into provincial politics, aggressively slamming the B.C. Liberal government as arrogant, attacking its handling of BC Hydro and the Agricultural Land Reserve, and dismissing the current Liberal leadership race as irrelevant. Sounding every bit like a possible leadership candidate for a provincial party, Mr. Cummins said in an interview on Monday that he believes B.C. politics has a gap that is waiting to be filled. “The B.C. Conservative Party is ideally situated to fill that vacuum,” he said. “When parties get arrogant and ...

Christy Clark voted B.C. Liberal leader

Radio talk show host and former deputy premier Christy Clark has won the B.C. Liberal leadership on the third ballot and will succeed Gordon Campbell as premier. Clark, who billed herself as a Liberal party outsider, won the party's leadership contest by beating former cabinet ministers Kevin Falcon, George Abbott and Mike de Jong. It took three rounds of the preferential ballot to decide who would replace Campbell, who resigned last fall over his party's disastrous unveiling of the harmonized sales tax. In a speech following the announcement, Clark addressed the people of British ...

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