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The British Columbia Conservative Party - British Columbia's Conservatives | Le Parti conservateur de la Colombie-Britannique
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ENG: The British Columbia Conservative Party is a political party in British Columbia, Canada. First elected as the government in 1903, the party went into decline after 1933. In May 2011, a leadership convention acclaimed former Conservative MP John Cummins leader of the party. Increase in support and new leadership (2010–present) At its annual general meeting on September 26, 2009, the party elected a new executive and re-elected Wayne McGrath as president. In 2010, the party formed an advisory committee that included, chairman Randy White, Brian Peckford, Rita Johnston, Jim Hart and John Cummins. At the end of 2010, the party had the support of 8% of votes according to opinion polls, had approximately 2,000 members, up from 300 in June of that year, and had constituency ...
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Long-gun registry battle comes to B.C. legislature

B.C. Liberals and New Democrats have traded fire over the impending abolition of the long-gun registry. The exchange was triggered by the filing of a private member’s motion by Eric Foster, B.C. Liberal MLA for Vernon-Monashee, which expresses support for the federal Conservative government’s move to scrap the registry. ... According to the former political-science professor, B.C. Liberals were “trying to drive a wedge…on the presumption that most of the [B.C.] NDP would be in favour of the gun registry”. Ruff told the Straight in a phone interview that the ...

Delay ban on old-style light bulbs, B.C. Conservative says

B.C. should defer the restrictions it’s placed on the sale of incandescent light bulbs, says the leader of the provincial Conservative Party. John Cummins says the B.C. Liberal government has, “jumped the gun and ignored legitimate concerns,” about the more energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamp bulb, or CFL. In a release Wednesday, Cummins said the concerns include, “poor quality lighting making reading difficult for seniors and the tendency of CFL bulbs to trigger migraines.” He said a BC Conservative government would defer the ban on incandescent light ...

Support growing for BC Conservatives: Poll

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) - Now we know why the BC Liberals are running attack ads against Conservative Party leader John Cummins. A public opinion poll shows the Conservatives are making major gains at the Liberals' expense. The poll shows Liberal support plummeting from 43 to 31 percent and Tory support climbing from 5 to 18 percent. That's the highest the Conservatives have been. The NDP is up slightly to 40 percent, giving them a healthy 9 point lead over the Liberals. But Mario Canseco with Angus Reid says Premier Christy Clark still has one thing going for her. "A lot of people don't ...

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