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The interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. | Le député libéral de la circonscription de Toronto-Centre à la Chambre des communes du Canada.
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ENG: Robert Keith "Bob" Rae, PC, OC, OOnt, QC, MP (born August 2, 1948) is a Canadian politician. He is the Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre and interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Rae was a New Democratic Party (NDP) Member of Parliament from 1978 to 1982. Then he moved to provincial politics, becoming leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party from February 7, 1982 to June 22, 1996. He served as the 21st Premier of Ontario from October 1, 1990 to June 26, 1995, and was the first person to have led a provincial NDP government east of Manitoba. While in office, he brought forward a number of initiatives that were unpopular with many traditional NDP supporters, such as the Social Contract. Rae's subsequent disagreement with the leftward direction of the NDP led him to ...
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Bob Rae was given the nickname "Bob the Rebuilder" when he became interim Liberal leader after the worst election loss in the party's history. He has lived up to those expectations, demonstrating that there is life after Michael Ignatieff for the decimated Liberal party. He outshines the other interim leader in the Commons, the NDP's Nycole Turmel. In a speech Wednesday at the Economic Club of Canada, Rae began to flesh out his vision of the future of the Liberal party. Rae defines it as the party of the middle class, which has been a casualty, he says, of ideological politics. It is a ...

Bob Rae craves Liberal top job ‎

OTTAWA -- Bob Rae won't say whether he wants to be prime minister. But he does want that, with every fibre of his being. And here's the curious magic that charisma, gravitas and a dash of hubris can effect: Listening to Rae speak, it's hard not to believe, at least for a while, that he might pull it off. Certainly he thinks he can. The pat responses about heeding party rules calling for him to stand aside in 2013? Let's quietly set those aside. Rae is crafting a come-from-behind run for the country's top job. And he's going about it in clever, methodical fashion. On the face of it, Rae's ...

Liberal Bob Rae makes impact on Carleton students ‎

EMC News - What's next for the federal Liberal Party? That's what students at Carleton University discovered when they attended a special political discussion Nov. 2 featuring interim Liberal leader Bob Rae.Rae was on hand to discuss what went down during last spring's federal election and also spoke about the Liberal convention scheduled for January 2012.Walking around and shaking hands with the 30-plus students in attendance, Rae thanked each of them for supporting the Liberal Party. He then took centre stage and began his speech, which addressed the defeat his party suffered back in ...

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Party lines continue to blur - Orillia Packet & Times
Party lines continue to blurOrillia Packet & TimesSome politicians have changed parties after losing their seat in an election. Possibly the best example of this blurring of party lines was the activities of Bob Rae. Mr. Rae started out as an NDP. He worked his way up to leader of the party and, in ...
Bob Rae delivers keynote address on working together 0 - Kapuskasing Northern Times (subscription)
Kapuskasing Northern Times (subscription)Bob Rae delivers keynote address on working together 0Kapuskasing Northern Times (subscription)... Gathering to help promote a mutual understanding between the cultures of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth in the communities last week and one of the key moments of the three-day event was the keynote speech given by the honourable Bob Rae.
Face-to-Face with Bob Rae - APTN National News
Face-to-Face with Bob RaeAPTN National NewsThese days he's a negotiator with the Matawa Tribal Council representing communities in the midst of the planned Ring of Fire development in Northern Ontario. This week on Face-to-Face APTN anchor Michael Hutchinson speaks with Bob Rae. Rae is the ...and more »
Quebec-Ottawa reconciliation a priority for Goldbloom - Canadian Jewish News (blog)
Canadian Jewish News (blog)Quebec-Ottawa reconciliation a priority for GoldbloomCanadian Jewish News (blog)Former longtime Toronto member of Parliament Bob Rae, interim Liberal leader between 2011 and 2013, gave his wholehearted support to Goldbloom's candidacy, praising his wisdom, integrity and ability to stay calm in the midst of difficulty. Goldbloom ...

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