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The 71st and current Governor of Virginia.
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ENG: Robert Francis "Bob" McDonnell (born June 15, 1954) is the 71st and current Governor of Virginia and a former lieutenant colonel in the United States Army. McDonnell served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1993 until he was elected Attorney General in 2005. After campaigning as a pragmatist, McDonnell was elected as the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, defeating Democratic state Senator Creigh Deeds by a seventeen point margin in the 2009 general election. McDonnell was inaugurated on January 16, 2010 on the steps of the Virginia State Capitol and succeeded Tim Kaine. Since taking office, McDonnell has battled on issues including declaring a Confederate History Month, balancing the state's budget, extending a contract to outsource the state's computer operations, ...
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McDonnell: Palin is qualified to be president

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said Wednesday on MSNBC that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) is qualified to be president of the United States. "Listen, I think Sarah Palin's been a mayor, she's been governor of a state. I happen to be partial and think governors make great chief executive officers and have the experience to be good chief executive officers of the United States,'' McDonnell told host Andrea Mitchell. "I think Sarah Palin is qualified. I think Republicans are going to have 10 or more people that are looking to run for president in 2012 . I look forward to talking ...

McDonnell gives road board $1.1B in recouped cash

Gov. Bob McDonnell will put the bulk of $1.45 billion in savings found in a private audit of the Virginia Department of Transportation into the hands of the state board that decides which roads get built. Under the action plan McDonnell approved, The Commonwealth Transportation Board will decide by June where to direct more than $1.1 billion in recouped cash and credits. The board, comprised of gubernatorial appointees who serve staggered terms, sets the state's highway construction and upkeep priorities each June when it approves its six-year improvement plan. About half of the ...

McDonnell hires consultant to study ABC options

Richmond, Va. -- His first crack at privatization stalled, Gov. Bob McDonnell has turned to a consulting group to find other ways for the state to exit the liquor business and to have an independent accounting of what the changes could mean. The PFM Group, a national financial-management advisory firm hired by the administration for $76,900, is exploring new ways to privatize at least part of the state's liquor monopoly, including turning over the retail operation to the private sector but keeping government control of the wholesale operation. "We want to also make sure that people are ...

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News : Vote in the Senate Education and Health Committee
Today’s vote in the Senate Education and Health Committee is a significant step toward final passage of this important educational accountability measure. When children come home with report cards, parents can clearly see how well they are doing and where they are in need of improvement. This legislation brings that same idea to school performance. This simple and clear system allows parents to better understand how well their child’s school is performing. Great accountability and transparency are key to helping parents be a part of the solution in underperforming schools. This A-F school grading system has been applied with success in other states, and I know it will be helpful in further improving public education in the Commonwealth. Every student in every zip code deserves the opportunity of an excellent education. I thank Delegate Tag Greason and Senator Bill Stanley for their leadership as patrons of this legislation and I look forward to continuing to work with membe
News : Support the American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day.
Delegates Ben Cline, Roxanne Robinson, Michael Webert, Chris Head, and Keith Hodges stopped by the Executive Mansion this morning and were wearing red to support the American Heart Association’s National Wear Red Day.
News : Bob’s for Jobs: In 4 Charts
Last week we got the great news that unemployment in Virginia has fallen to a four year low! At 5.5% Virginia’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the Southeast, the second-lowest east of the Mississippi, and over a full point lower than ANY of our neighboring states.
Blog : Nearly Three Decades!
As you know, before the General Assembly came together in February to pass the transportation bill, it had been 27 years since the Commonwealth had seen the enactment of a sustainable, long-term transportation plan for Virginia. Nearly three decades! In that time the value of the gas tax had declined by 55%, the binder price for asphalt had gone up 350%, and Northern Virginia had become the most-congested region in America, Virginia Beach the 20th, and Richmond the 60th. Virginians were losing $1400 a year sitting in traffic in Fairfax; $850 a year idling on 264 in Virginia Beach. And CNBC dropped Virginia from 1st to 3rd in their rankings of best states for business, citing a failure to properly fund transportation as the main reason for the decline. Finally, this session, Republicans and Democrats came together to get results and make history. They passed a long-overdue and critically needed transportation plan. Over the past few weeks many have weighed in on the bill, and here’

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