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The U.S. Representative for Virginia's 6th congressional district, serving since 1993.
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ENG: Robert William "Bob" Goodlatte (born September 22, 1952) is the U.S. Representative for Virginia's 6th congressional district, serving since 1993. He is a member of the Republican Party. The district is based in Roanoke and also includes Lynchburg, Harrisonburg and Staunton. Early life, education, and early career Born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, Goodlatte received a B.A. in political science from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine in 1974. He also holds a Juris Doctor from Washington and Lee University School of Law in Lexington, Virginia, which he earned in 1977. Goodlatte was an attorney in private practice in his early professional career before becoming a staff aide for 6th District U.S. Congressman M. Caldwell Butler from 1977 to 1979. U.S. House of ...
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Rep. Bob Goodlatte needs to reverse his support of SOPA

Many websites are “going dark” today in order to raise awareness of Congress’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). With any huge bill there is good stuff and bad and the same can be said of SOPA. But the road to [tyranny] is paved with good intentions. What really has people upset and is pitting Silicon Valley against Hollywood are provisions that allow big business to shut down websites that allegedly are linking to or promoting pirated material. If a film studio believes their movie is being pirated they can have an internet company or a search engine block the site. This is a ...

Goodlatte comments on House passage of bill intended to...

... prevent abuse of eminent domain Congressman Bob Goodlatte issued a news release this week after the House of Representatives passed HR 1433, a bill that would withhold federal economic development funds for two years to any locality or state that uses eminent domain to take land for a private entity. You might recall some legal and political scuffling over this in Roanoke a couple of years ago. Interestingly, the state no longer allows this type of action — and in fact the General Assembly had already passed that bill when the motion to condemn was filed. Indeed, the motion was ...

Congressman Goodlatte Announces Academy Nomination

Congressman Bob Goodlatte announced that he has nominated a student to a military academy for the class entering the fall of 2012. Clarissa Swanerbury, daughter of Francis and Shari Swanerbury, is currently a senior at Robert E. Lee High School and a resident of Staunton. She has been nominated to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. “I am incredibly honored to nominate Clarissa to compete for an appointment to the Naval Academy. Upon appointment, she will be attending an outstanding school and joining the world’s finest fighting force. I am confident Clarissa will serve ...

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Human life is a precious gift. As a father who has recently become a grandfather, I know that the gift of life is one that must be fiercely protected. Since the Supreme Court's decision in Roe v. Wade more than 40 years ago, medical knowledge regarding the development of unborn babies has advanced dramatically. Extensive medical research shows that unborn children begin to feel pain by 20 weeks after conception, and probably earlier.  Congress has the power, and the responsibility, to acknowledge these developments in our understanding of the ability of unborn children to feel pain. Earlier this month, I was proud to vote in the U.S. House of Representatives in support of H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bipartisan legislation would ban abortions, with limited exceptions, in the United States after 20 weeks post conception – the point at which scientific evidence shows the unborn can experience great suffering.  Some have called th
Almost two years ago, we learned that the National Security Agency (NSA) was collecting, in bulk, Americans’ telephone records. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, countless telephone metadata records are flowing into the NSA. Since then, the American people have made it clear that we need to rein in our nation’s intelligence-gathering programs and end this assault on civil liberties. I wholeheartedly agree that this program threatens Americans’ civil liberties and privacy.    Despite President Obama’s announced changes to this NSA program last year as well as the Second Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent ruling that the government’s bulk collection program exceeds what is authorized under the law, the bulk collection of records has not ceased and will not cease unless Congress acts to shut it down. Last year, the House passed legislation to do just that, but the Senate failed to act. Allowing the NSA’s bulk collection progr
The land of the free and home of the brave – while the words of our National Anthem were penned over 200 years ago, this time-honored phrase rightly describes this great nation we call home today. America’s history has been cemented by the brave men and women who have fought tirelessly to defend it from threats both at home and on battlefields in distant lands.  Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices of the men and women of our Armed Forces. Many have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life in defense of our freedoms as Americans. They are the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends who we will never forget. While nothing we do can repay the cost these men and women have paid or take away the grief their families and loved ones have experienced, it is our duty to honor their service by ensuring that America remains true to the principles upon which it was founded.     Recently, the House of Representatives passed the Nationa
Driving through the Sixth Congressional District is a lesson in the role small businesses play in shaping and growing our communities. Whether it’s a hardware store that’s been around for generations, an assisted living facility that prides itself on quality care, or a tech startup paving the way forward, small businesses are instrumental in driving local economies and providing jobs for our family members, neighbors, and friends. In fact, half of America’s workforce in the private sector is employed by small businesses.  As we mark Small Business Week, it is important that we applaud the men and women who are behind them. Small business owners are no strangers to sacrifice. They sacrifice their time by putting in long hours, and, in some cases, their own pay to ensure that employees receive a pay check. A recent report found that 67 percent of small business owners would delay or reduce their own compensation in order to make ends meet.  As any smal

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