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A former Australian Greens politician, medical doctor and environmentalist.
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ENG: Robert James "Bob" Brown (born 27 December 1944) is a former Australian Greens politician, medical doctor, environmentalist, former Senator and former Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens. Brown was elected to the Australian Senate on the Tasmanian Greens ticket, joining with sitting Greens Western Australia senator Dee Margetts to form the first group of Australian Greens senators following the 1996 federal election. He was re-elected in 2001 and in 2007. He was the first openly gay member of the Parliament of Australia, and the first openly gay leader of an Australian political party. While serving in the Tasmanian parliament, Brown successfully campaigned for a large increase in the protected wilderness areas. Brown led the Australian Greens from the party's ...
for33against   In my opinion Bob Brown is quite good politician. For instance, because ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
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for2against   Way too extreme - go back to Tassie and stay there., frolly
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Brown to fight for ACT same-sex Bill

The Australian Greens have vowed to fight for the ACT's proposed new laws on gay partnership rights if they are challenged in Federal Parliament. The party's leader, Senator Bob Brown, welcomed the new legislation yesterday and said he and his colleagues would defend the Bill if either house of Parliament moved to impose its veto on the same-sex partnership laws. The ACT Labor Government's latest attempt to legislate for same-sex partnerships looks set for an easy passage through the territory's Legislative Assembly next year with the support of the ACT Greens. But they will be opposed ...

Marius Klopper and Bob Brown in Agreement on Carbon Tax

In an ironic situation BHP Billiton CEO Marius Klopper and the Greens leader Senator Bob Brown seem to have found common ground. Mr. Klopper has called for a carbon tax to be levied to protect the long term economic interests of the country. This is exactly what the Greens have been hoping to set in motion as well. Marius Klopper said that it should be a simple carbon tax rather than the complex one based on emissions trading scheme that was explored in the first term of the Labor government under ex-Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. He said that despite the failure of the Copenhagen summit ...

Bob Brown wows ‘em in Bermi

• Greens senator Bob Brown (arms folded) visited the logging area at Bermagui last Friday. ABOUT 500 people crammed into the community hall at Bermagui last Friday night to hear Greens Senator Bob Brown speak about logging activities in the Bermagui forest.Every seat was occupied, with those who couldn’t find one sitting in the gaps on the floor or leaning against the walls where signs proclaiming the evening’s ideas had been hung.At the entrance, tables with an array of environmental leaflets were next to people handing out a flyer with information from Blue Ridge Hardwoods, ...

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