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The U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 1st congressional district, serving since 1998.
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ENG: Robert A. "Bob" Brady (born April 7, 1945) is the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 1st congressional district, serving since 1998, and the ranking Democrat on the United States House Committee on House Administration since 2007. He has been the Chairman to the Philadelphia Democratic Party since 1986, and is one of the few members of congress who are a county chairman. Early life, education, and pre-congressional career Brady was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was an Irish American police officer and his mother was Italian American. He graduated from St. Thomas More High School and didn't go to college. Brady went to work as a carpenter and became a part of the leadership of the Carpenters’ union. He is still a member of the Carpenters' and Teachers' ...
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Brady joins Sen.Kitchen and other st.officials to protest...

Congressman Robert A. Brady (D., PA) today joined State Sen. Shirley Kitchen and other elected officials and advocates in blasting Pennsylvania’s proposed asset test for recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).“This proposed asset test will force families who are looking at poverty in the face choose between having a few dollars saved as a safety net and being able to feed their families,” the Congressman said. The Congressman said he has written to Gov. Corbett and asked him to reconsider implementation of the asset test. “As most of this in ...

A Quick Look at Bob Brady's 2011 FEC Reports

Normally I stay out of Philadelphia politics. When I was going over the quarterly FEC reports for the collar counties I dipped into the reports for Philadelphia’s congressional representatives. A few things surprised me so I’ve done a little more digging. Here are some observations on the reports from 1st district Congressman Bob Brady’s campaign, from the post-general 2010 election, year end 2010, first, second, and third quarter 2011 reports. To provide some context, I found a Dec. 20, 2010 article by Brad Bumstead and Mike Wereschagin in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, ...

Statewide Primaries Get Steamy

The big question is will we get a Democrat candidate from Eastern Pennsylvania or Western Pennsylvania in the high-stakes Attorney General race? The next two questions automatically follow. Will either Dan McCaffery or former Congressman Pat Murphy or Lackawanna’s Kathleen Kane get the nomination when the Democrat State Committee meets Jan. 14 to decide? The State’s Democrats from west of the Susquehanna always seem to be united when it comes to decisions such as this, though none of them has announced as of now. Obviously a powerful draw, Dan McCaffery showed he had the ...

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Brady urges Federal agencies to address bomb threats against Jewish community centers
PHILADELPHIA ---- “We must have immediate action against what seems to be a reign of terror threats directed at Jewish Community Centers across the country,” said Congressman Bob Brady (D., PA). Brady has joined more than 150 Democrats and Republicans to strongly urge the FBI, Homeland Security and the U.S. Attorney General to take swift action to address the number of bomb threats that have been phoned in to Jewish Community centers scattered throughout the country. According to the Jewish Community Centers Association of North America, in the first two months of 2017 there have been 68 incidents targeting 53 Centers in 26 states. In a joint letter, authored by Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, the bi-partisan group of Representatives urge senior federal officials to, “... advise Congress on the steps that are being taken to deter these threats from being made, to identify and prosecute the perpetrators, and to enable JCCs to enhance security measures such as physical barriers and
Brady signs on to strongly worded letter to House Speaker expressing concern regarding efforts to undermine Title X family planning
PHILADELPHIA --- Congressman Bob Brady, (D., PA) has signed on to a letter to Speaker of the House  of Representatives Paul Ryan to express concern regarding “efforts to undermine Title X family planning.” The letter signed by 162 House members charges Republicans with starting the 115th Congress , “… with a total assault on women’s choices, access to care and economic security.”   The letter stresses, “Now with the most recent effort to weaken the Title X national family planning program through the Congressional Review Act, Republicans have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to limit women’s access to vital health care. Sadly this includes contraception and family planning that all women need.” Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing comprehensive family planning. Brady said, “It’s important to note that family planning, includes a range of services, such as contraception and basic preventative care. And, without the co
Congressman Brady Earns A grade on NEA’s legislative report Card
  PHILADELPHIA – Congressman Bob Brady (D., PA) has earned an A grade on the National Education Association’s Legislative Report Card for the 114th Congress which assesses votes and other relevant legislative actions from January  2015 through December 2016.. The Report Card tracks individual members of Congress overall support  for public education, students and educators, with each member receiving a letter grade of A through F. Brady said he is proud to have earned the A grade, because he believes that quality education is the key to American success. “As a nation of mostly immigrants it’s important to understand that as America opened its arms to struggling, often non-literate and non-English speakers, the availability of public education provided the opportunity for these immigrant families to thrive.” Brady added, “In spite of the political polarization of Congress I will continue to support students, teachers, administrators and all education professionals to ensu
Congressman Brady signs amicus brief challenging President Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee executive order
  PHILADELPHIA --- Congressman Bob Brady, (D., PA) has signed an amicus brief challenging the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee executive order. The brief in the Eastern District of New York case Darweesh, et. al. v. Trump charges that the Muslim and refugee ban is illegal and is un-American. Brady said, “I was at the Philadelphia airport in the midst of mass confusion when the ban first went into effect.  Hundreds of people with visas who had endured months and sometimes years of vetting were denied entry and some were detained. Even more were stranded enroute to the U.S. It was absolute chaos.”    Brady said, “This order’s religious discrimination is counter to the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process, that as the brief outlines, ‘… incorporates principles of equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment.” Brady, whose Italian and Irish family were immigrants, added,  “My Catholic family came to this country in search of the Ameri

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